The Bobbitt Family In America

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Margaret Isabel Bobbit, born July 17, 1853 in Kentucky, married Minor Hale and lived in Dalton City, Illinois. They had no children by their marriage, but Margaret reared two step children, Anna Hale Feist and Amos Hale. Margaret died in Dalton City.

Louis W. Bobbit, born October 1, 1854 in Kentucky, went to Canada and homesteaded. He never married and never returned to Illinois to visit with the family. He died in Saskatchewan Canada.

Juliet 0. Bobbit, born October 21, 1856 in Ralls County, Missouri, C. A. Rouse. They had a son Louis Rouse, and a daughter, Fanny Rouse. The family lived in Dalton City, Illinois where Juliet Bobbit Rouse died on October 21, 1900.

George Northcut Bobbit, was born January 31, 1859 in Ralls County, Missouri. He was named after an influential man by the name of George Northcut from Campbell County Kentucky. In County records of Campbell County, Will Book, page 325, dated December 1, 1819, the following is recorded.

"Appraisement of the estate of Randolph Bobet, deceased, by Samuel W. Hume, Edward Stevens, Benjamin Northcutt. Among the purchasers, the widow Bobbitt."

George Northcut was a son of Benjamin Northcutt. When John Bobbit lost his first wife, George Northcut befriended him and his family. John remembered him by naming one of his sons after George Northcut. 

George N. Bobbit married Florence Whitley on November 26, 1885. She was from Lancaster Ohio. George died in 1939 at his home in Dalton City. George and Florence are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Mt. Zion Illinois. Their three sons are also buried in the same cemetery. George and Florence had three sons, John W. Bobbit, Perry C. Bobbit, and George Raymond Bobbit. The family was recorded in Moultrie County, Illinois in the census of 1900. Volume 129, E.D.97, Page 14, Line 25:

George Bobbett      Jan. 1859 41 Missouri 

Florence Bobbett    Jul. 1869 30 Ohio 

John Bobbett        Nov. 1887 12 Illinois 

Claud Bobbett       Aug. 1890 9 Illinois 

Raymond Bobbett     May. 1895 5 Illinois


John W. Bobbit, died on April 12, 1932. He never married. He served in World War I, Illinois Corporal 23A Aero Sq.

Perry Claud Bobbit, died November 1, 1974. He married Nina Wehmhoff but they had no children.

George Raymond Bobbit, died July 5, 1969 in Youngstown Ohio. He served in World War I, Pvt, U. S. Army Air Corp. Never married.

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