The Bobbitt Family In America

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Selina Jenny Bobbitt was the last child of John Greer and Elizabeth McElwain Bobbitt. Selina was born in Mississippi on August 26, 1854. Not long after the birth of Selina, Elizabeth Bobbitt died and was buried in Kemper County, Mississippi.

John Greer Bobbitt was married five times and was the father of thirteen children, seven boys and six girls. Twelve of the children were born to Elizabeth (McElwain) Bobbitt. One daughter Sarah Douglas Bobbitt was born in 1873 to his fourth wife.

First wife:     Elizabeth McElwain Bobbitt, born in South Carolina in 1815, married in 1832 in Montgomery County, Alabama, died in 1854 in Kemper County, Mississippi.

Second wife:      School teacher of Kemper County, Mississippi, name and place of birth unknown. Probably married in 1857 and died in 1858. No children by this marriage.

Third wife:           Edna Gage, born in 1817 in Georgia, a widow with three, children. Alonza E. Gage, Peter C. Gage, and Emma A.A. Gage, all went by the surname of Bobbitt. John and Edna were married about 1859 in Houston County, Texas.

Fourth wife:           Sarah Douglas Gibson was born in Tennessee in 1835, a widow with twin children, John A. Gibson and Nancy Gibson. John A. Gibson married Frances Bobbitt a granddaughter of John Greer Bobbitt. Sarah and John married in 1869 in Houston County, Texas.

Fifth wife:           Elizabeth P. Doyle, a widow, John married her on July 17, 1883 in Houston County, Texas.


The children of John Greer Bobbitt and their year of birth.

William Henry Bobbitt            1833 Montgomery Co. Alabama

Nancy Bobbitt                        1835 Montgomery Co. Alabama

Benjamin Lemuel Bobbitt      1838 Kemper Co. Mississippi

Susan Bobbitt                        1839 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

John Robert Bobbitt              1842 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Sybil (CBell) Bobbitt             1843 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

James Jefferson Bobbitt       1845 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Robert Trasbay Bobbitt        1847 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Zachary Taylor Bobbitt       1849 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

George I. Bobbitt                1850 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Frances M. Bobbitt             1853 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Selina Jenny Bobbitt           1854 Kemper Co. Mississippi 

Sarah Douglas Bobbitt       1872 Houston Co. Texas

Most of the children were married in Houston Co. Texas and in Lauderdale Co. Mississippi.

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