The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family was counted in the 1850 census of Williamson County.

Family # 248, counted September 10, 1850

John S. Bobbitt               34 (1816) Tennessee (N. C.)

Martha (Glenn) Bobbitt   34 (1816) Tennessee 

Stephen Harris-Bobbitt   12 (1838) Tennessee 

Mary Ann L. Bobbitt       9 (1840) Tennessee 

Martha Bobbitt                7 (1843) Tennessee 

Meredith Gentry Bobbitt   2 (1848) Tennessee 

I. Hill (male)*                 15 (1835) Tennessee

A. Hill (male)*                  8   (1842)   Tennessee

*The Hill children were nephews of John and Martha Bobbitt. They were children of Nancy (Bobbitt) and Benjamin Hill.

John and Thomas Bobbitt moved to Texas about the same time. They left Williamson County Tennessee about the time of the oncoming War between the States, after having volunteered their services to the Confederate army. The families must have moved in 1858 or 1859 according to the birth records of their children, as stated in Federal census records.

John S. Bobbitt served as a corporal in Company A. of Wells Battalion Texas Cavalry. His son Stephen Harris Bobbitt served in Company K, 18th Texas Cavalry, and his son, Meredith Gentry Bobbitt served in Company D, 28th Texas Cavalry.

The family first lived in Bellview Texas in Rusk County. John Bobbitt died shortly after moving to Texas, and his wife Martha (Glenn) Bobbitt moved the family to Mineola Texas, in Wood ounty, where she ran a large hotel for railroad workers. The children married in Rusk, Wood, and Van Zandt Counties.

Stephen Harris Bobbitt           m. Cynthia L. Dobbins Apr. 30, 1861

Mary Ann L. Bobbitt              m. Wm. H. Smith Dec. 23, 1857

Martha Bobbitt                      m. George A. Leath Oct. 24, 1866

Meredith Gentry Bobbitt       m. Jean Virginia Smith Feb. .. 1876

Meredith Gentry Bobbitt and Jean Virginia Smith were married in Wood County. The family was first counted in the census of 1880 in Van Zandt County, Texas.

M. G. Bobbitt              32 (1848) Tennessee 

Jeanie (Smith) Bobbitt 27 (1853) Georgia 

Ava Bobbitt                  3 (1877) Texas 

Mary Bobbitt                1 (1879) Texas 

Virginia Smith Bobbitt was born in Newton County, Georgia. The family lived at various times in the counties of Wood, Kaufman, and Van Zandt.

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