The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN H. BOBBITT       1817- 1892        Son of John and Nancy Bobbitt

John Bobbitt was born in 1817 in Shelby County, Alabama. He was a son of John and Nancy (Huse) Bobbitt. His ancestry goes back to Warren County, North Carolina.

John lived for a time in Tennessee and then moved with the family to Indiana where he was counted in the 1830 census of Orange County.

On May 21, 1835, John married Catharine Goble a daughter of Alex Goble, in Orange County, Indiana. The family was counted in the 1840 census as living in the Greenfield Township.

John Bobbitt: 

2 males under 5 (1835-1840)                   1 female 20 - 30 (1810-1820) 

1 male 20 - 30 (1810-1820)

John H. Bobbitt was a minister of the Gospel who preached in the rural areas of this section of Indiana. We get a picture of the family and their life from various documents used to help Catharine Bobbitt receive a pension for the service of her son in the War between the States.

December 3, 1895. "1 am 79 years old. I make my home with my son-in-law, John M. and Mary E. Sanders, two miles north east of Valeene. I am the widow of John H. Bobbitt who died on the 6th of January 1892. 1 am claiming pension granted to dependent mothers for my son Harrison Bobbitt who enlisted in Company "A" of 38 Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, on the l7th day of September 1861 and was killed in the battle of Perryville, Kentucky, a year and two months after he enlisted. His body was never brought home. Leander Free and William White who belonged to the same company brought the word home when they came on a furlough soon after the battle. He was shot through the neck and he died the next day after he was wounded.

"I was married to John H. Bobbitt on May 23, 1835 by Reverend Kinsey Veach, a Baptist minister, in the presence of Alex Goble and Harrison Goble. My maiden name was Catharine Goble.

"The following children were born to us, whose names and ages were placed in out family Bible Record, made soon after their births.

"This list and the comments were made on this day in 1895."

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