The Bobbitt Family In America

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William Bobbitt            b. Mar. 15, 1836 has been dead 7 yrs.  Nancy Bobbitt             b. Sep. 14, 1837 died in infancy  Absolom Bobbitt         b. Jan. 1, 1839 died in army  John Bobbitt                b. Jun. 3, 1841 still living  Elizabeth Bobbitt          b. Dec. 4, 1843 dead 20 years  Harrison Bobbitt           b. Nov. 14, 1845 killed in battle  Sarah Bobbitt               b. Mar. 27, 1848 dead  Irvin Bobbitt                 b. Apr. 12, 1850 living  Henry Bobbitt              b. Jan. 12, 1852 living  James Bobbitt              b. Sep. 12, 1854 living  Catharine Bobbitt         b. Dec. 30, 1856 living Nancy Caroline Bobbitt     b. Aug. 17, 1858 living 

Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt      b. Mar. 15, 1862 living


William Bobbitt               m. Elizabeth Busick Aug. 4, 1854

Absolom Bobbitt             m. Sarah Riley ... .. 1854

John Bobbitt                   m. Fanny Cornwell Oct. 20, 1867

Elizabeth Bobbitt            m. Peter R. Holiday Dec. 2, 1858 

Sarah Bobbitt                 m. John Cornwell Sep. 15, 1869

Irvin Bobbitt                  m. Millie Line Jan. 13, 1870

Henry Bobbitt               m. Aby E. Vandner Dec. 1, 1872

James Bobbitt              m.(1) Martha E. Smith Jun. 6, 1875

James Bobbitt              m.(2) Lizzie E. Gresham Mar. 18, 1885 

Catharine Bobbitt       m. Wilford R. Moon Mar. 6, 1874

Mary Ellen Bobbitt     m. John M. Sanders Sep. 19, 1878 

Nancy C. Bobbitt       m. Andrew J. May Mar. 25, 1877

There is no doubt that this family suffered for the needs of life. John H. Bobbitt did not have good health, and his farm barely produced enough to keep his family alive. His interests and his profession was the Christian ministry and it paid very little in cash.

Catharine wrote in 1895, "Our land was not profitable. We never raised anything to sell. We usually had to buy wheat and corn for our own use. Harrison helped on the farm and sometimes he would work by the day for the neighbors. Everything he earned came into the family for our use. John who was then about 22 years of age was at home but he was always weakly. I did not know what was the matter with him. He had a bad cough ever since he was three years old and he was weak minded. He has been admitted to the insane asylum twice the  past few years.  John, my husband began to preach four or five years after we married. He never got as much as $ 5 five dollars for preaching. John H. was preaching here at Valeene but he got no fixed salary. All he got for preaching was what the members chose to give him. They would pay him mostly in clothing and provisions and feed for his stock."

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