The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN G. BOBBITT       1824 - 1904      Son of William J. and Elizabeth Bobbitt

John G. Bobbitt was the eighth child and fourth son of William James and Elizabeth (Hale) Bobbitt. John was born on November 6, 1824 in South East Missouri. Missouri became a state in 1821 and was the 24th state to become part of the Union. John Quincy Adams was chosen as president of the United States in 1824.

In 1829 William and Elizabeth Bobbitt moved with their family to Morgan County, Illinois. It was here that John G. Bobbitt learned his trade and grew to manhood. In 1848 on December l4th, John Bobbitt married Martha J. Newton, a daughter of Henry and Martha Newton of Morgan County.

To their marriage was born three children who lived to maturity.

Lewis M. Bobbitt      born 1850 

Mary Louise Bobbitt   born 1852

Hattie E. Bobbitt               born 1864


Lewis M. Bobbitt       married Julia Ellen Busey 1877

Mary Louise Bobbitt    married J. B. Holliday 1877

Hattie E. Bobbitt      single


Chapman Brothers published a book in 1889 called "Portrait and Biographical Album of Morgan County, Illinois" in which they have a chapter on John G. Bobbitt based on information supplied by John Bobbitt. The following are excerpts from this sketch.

"The property of John G. Bobbitt embraces 340 acres of choice land, located on sections 7 and 18, the residence being on the former. He secured this land in its wild and uncultivated state, and has brought it to its present condition largely by the labor of his own hands. A native of Southern Missouri, he was born November 6, 1824, and came with his father's family, to this county in 1829, when but few white men had ventured to this region from which the Indians had not yet departed. Wild game of all kinds was plentiful but neighbors were few and far between, and the journey to mill and market, performed frequently by the slow means of an ox team, was a trip occupying several days.

"The subject of this notice at an early age was taught to make himself useful around the pioneer homestead. In 1848 he established domestic ties of his own, being married to Miss Martha J. Newton, who was born in Trigg County, Kentucky, October 22, 1827, but who at the time of her marriage (which took place in Brown County, Illinois) was a resident of Bloomington, Illinois.

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