The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN BENSON BOBBITT       1830 - 1908      Son of Major William and Sarah Bobbitt

John Benson Bobbitt was born on February 8, 1830 in Maury County, Tennessee. His mother was Sarah Woody, the first wife of Major William Bobbitt who was born in North Carolina. Four years after John was born his mother died in Maury County, Tennessee.

John was the ninth child and the first and only son of Major William and Sarah Bobbitt. John had nine sisters. His father married his second wife Elizabeth Olliphant in 1836. In 1838 the family moved to Yalobusha County, Mississippi where John spent the remainder of his life.

In the second family of Major William Bobbitt there was born four girls and four boys. John was used to many relatives and was trained to manage a large plantation of family members, relatives, slaves, and friends.

On January 13, 1853, John Benson Bobbitt married Sarah Louisa Perkins, daughter of Edmund B. Perkins and Clarinda (Smith) Perkins. Sarah Louisa was born on January 5, 1833 in Tennessee. She died on March 20, 1886.

The war between the States found John concerned about his entire economic life. His father died in 1860 and John volunteered to serve in the Confederate army. He first served as a Private in Company D. 5th Mississippi Infantry and then in Company I. of the second Partisan Rangers of Mississippi.

John and Sarah Bobbitt had nine children:

William Edward Bobbitt    born Dec. 20, 1853

Mary Clerendia Bobbitt    born Feb. 5, E79D

Martha Virginia Bobbitt   born Feb. 24, 1862

  John David Bobbitt           born Jun. 1856

  Henry Green Bobbitt        born Mar. 22, 1866

Julia Smith Bobbitt      born ... 1869

Rosa Louise Bobbitt      born ... 1871

Sarah Adaline Bobbitt    born Jan. 22, 1872 

Linnie Maie Bobbitt      born Jun. 27, 1876 


William E. Bobbitt     married Ada Weaver 

Mary C. Bobbitt        married William Jeffreys Feb.5, 1879

Martha V. Bobbitt      married Robert E. Jones Apr. 23, 1878 

John D. Bobbitt        married Della Jos. Jones Dec. 22, 1886 

Henry G. Bobbitt       married (1) Dora Ann wood Dec. 21, 1887 

                                                 (2) Laura T. Wood Jan. 5, 1896

Sarah Adaline Bobbitt     married Thomas E. Jones Jan. 1, 1890

Linnie Maie Bobbitt         married John R. Ferguson SR.Jul. 29, 1896


Most of the children reared large families of their own in Mississippi and in Tennessee.

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