The Bobbitt Family In America

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After the death of Sarah Louisa Bobbitt in 1886, John Benson Bobbitt married a widow, named Salenia Ann Branum Wood, former wife of McDonald Wood, and parents of the two women Henry Green Bobbitt had married. The couple lived together a very short time. Later Salenia went to live with her daughter Laura Theresia Wood the second wife of Henry Green Bobbitt.

In the 1900 census records of Yalabusha County, Mississippi John B. Bobbitt is counted as living with his son, William E. Bobbitt.

William E. Bobbitt           Dec. 1853 46 Mississippi 

Ada (Weaver) Bobbitt    Dec. 1861 38 Arkansas 

Lee B. Bobbitt                Nov. 1880 20 Texas 

Tommie J. Bobbitt          Dec. 1881 18 Mississippi 

Arthur J. Bobbitt            Jan. 1883         17 Mississippi 

Billie C. Bobbitt              Nov. 1886 14 Mississippi 

Lawrence A. Bobbitt      Apr. 1889 11 Mississippi 

Alice Bobbitt                  Aug. 1891 8 Mississippi 

Ina W. Bobbitt               Sep. 1893 6 Mississippi 

Dora R. Bobbitt             Aug. 1896 3 Mississippi 

John B. Bobbitt (father)  Feb. 1830 70 Tennessee

Living nearby was the family of Henry Green Bobbitt and living with him was Annie Wood, his mother in law as well as his step mother. Annie did not use the name of Bobbitt. She was born in September 1841.

There is considerable confusion about the date when John Bobbitt died. Reports indicated that he died in November of 1880, but as the 1900 census shows, John was living in 1900. The most likely date is 1908. John is buried in the family cemetery in Goshen, Mississippi.

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