The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN WILLIAM BOBBITT       1832 - 1909      Son of Isham and Cynthia Bobbitt

John William Bobbitt was the third child and second son of Isham Drury and Cynthia (Haggard) Bobbitt. He was born in or near the village of Winchester, in Clark County, Kentucky. John was a grandson of Isham and Elizabeth (James) Bobbitt.

Soon after John Bobbitt was born the family moved from Kentucky to Hancock County, Illinois. They lived near an older brother of Isham Bobbitt's who had moved to Hancock County from Missouri in 1831. The brother was William J. Bobbitt.

John William Bobbitt was born on June 9, 1832, according to family Bible records. On October 21, 1852, John married Julia Hoyt, in Marshall County, Illinois. They were married by Reverend Robert F. Haynes, a brother-in-law of John William Bobbitt, husband of his sister Teressa Bobbitt. The marriage is recorded. Julia Hoyt was born on September 6, 1836 in or near Chillicothe, Ohio.

The family is first recorded in the census of Marshall County, Illinois in 1860.

Family # 1719, counted July 12, 1860, Roberts Town, Ill.

John W. Bobbitt         28 (1832) Kentucky 

Julia Bobbitt                25 (1835) Ohio 

Seymour Bobbitt           6 (1854) Illinois 

Cornelia Bobbitt            4 (1856) Illinois 

James Bobbitt               2 (1858) Illinois 

Frank Bobbitt (brother)   21 (1839) Illinois 

Ed Seward (farm helper) 19 (1841) Illinois


In 1865 the father of John William Bobbitt died in Putnam County Illinois. In 1868 he lost both of his sisters who died in Illinois. I have not been able to find a record of John and his family in 1870. 1 believe that they were counted in the census in route from Illinois to Nebraska. However, the census records indicate that all of the children in this family were born in Illinois. Allen Eugene Bobbitt was the last child and he was born on January 27, 1877.

From all the information gleaned from descendants we think that the family moved from Illinois to Nebraska in 1878 and lived in Liberty Precinct, Richardson County. When they arrived in Richardson County they joined Dudley J. Bobbitt, a first cousin of John W. Bobbitt. Rather a first cousin, once removed. The father of Dudley Bobbitt was Stephen Bobbitt, a first cousin of John William Bobbitt.

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