The Bobbitt Family In America

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The best documented branch of the Bobbitt family is the branch of Isham Bobbitt. There are numerous descendants from coast to coast throughout the United States. The Bobbitt lineage of Isham Bobbitt is: William Bobbitt from Wales        1649 - 1703      Anna Sturidvant 

John Bobbitt of Chowan              1678 - 1736      Sarah Green 

William Bobbitt Senior                 1704 - 1768      Amy Bennett 

John Richard Bobbitt                   1725 - 1791      Amy Alston 

Isham Bobbitt                             1754 - 1836      Elizabeth James


Hattie E. Bobbitt, a daughter of John d. and Martha (Newton) Bobbitt, was born in 1864 and died in 1930 in Chapin, Illinois. The following excerpts are taken from a letter she wrote to her cousin, Mildred Welsh of Kansas City, Missouri in 1917.

"I do not think it foolish to want to know of your ancestry. I wish I knew more myself. Father was well posted as to the relationships and I planned to write it down, but neglected the writing until his mind failed him. I can go no farther back than your great great grandfather, Isham Bobbitt, of North Carolina.

"Father (William J. Bobbitt) said we were English and Welsh. Father is buried in the same cemetery as your great grandfather a few miles out in the country. I have not been there for years and doubt if the graves could be located now. My grandfather and his son William, was born in North Carolina, from there they came to Kentucky, where there were other Bobbitts, then on to South East Missouri, where father was born and when he was five years old on to Illinois, where your grandfather was born.'

"In Isham Bobbitt's family there were several children, John Steven and Sallie, at least two girls, in fact both married Christmans, and I think a John who married in Kentucky about 20 years ago.

"If you ever find a Bobbitt whether you care to or not, I doubt not you could run it back to a common ancestor."

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