The Bobbitt Family In America

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Tazewell County, Illinois, Census of 1850, Isham Bobbitt          60 (1790) birthplace not stated 

Cynthia Bobbitt       40 (1810) unknown 

John Bobbitt           19 (1831) not stated 

Malissa Bobbitt       15 (1835) not stated 

David Bobbitt         10 (1840) not stated


In 1860 Isham and Cynthia Bobbitt moved to be near their son William and his family and their daughter Teressa, wife of Rev. Robert F. Haynes. Their daughter Malissa had married George W. Mays and was also living with her family in Putnam County.

Putnam County, Illinois, Census of 1860.

Family # 722, counted July 11, 1860

William Bobbitt             29 (1831) Missouri ? 

Jane (Keys) Bobbitt       22 (1838) Illinois 

Ada B. Bobbitt                1 (1859) Illinois


We do not understand the birth place of William as being in Missouri. It is either a mistake of the census taker, or it is possible that Isham and Cynthia were visiting a brother of Isham's in Missouri when William was born. The brother was William J. Bobbitt. The age of William is also wrong. I suspect that, whoever gave the information was in error.

Family # 182, counted July 25, 1860

Isham Bobbitt                 68 (1792) South Carolina

Cynthia Bobbitt              51 (1809) Kentucky


Family # 83, counted July 25, 1860

George W. Mays                22 (1838) Illinois 

Malissa (Bobbitt) Mays       25 (1835) Illinois

Franklin Mays                     8 (1852) Illinois 

Lanna Mays                        6 (1854) Illinois 

Hellen Mays                        4 (1856) Illinois 

Wilmer Mays                       1 (1859) Illinois 

Dudley J. Bobbitt               22 (1838) Illinois


Dudley J. Bobbitt was a first cousin to Malissa (Bobbitt) Mays. He was a son of Stephen and Eliza (Mays) Bobbitt.

John W. Bobbitt married Julia Hoyt in 1852 and was living in Marshall County, Illinois. He and his family were counted in the 1850 census of Marshall County. See the chapter on John W. Bobbitt 1832 - 1909.

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