The Bobbitt Family In America

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ISAAC L. BOBBITT      1824 - 1862     Son of James Bobbitt of North Carolina

Isaac L. Bobbitt was born in 1824 in York District of South Carolina. His father was James Bobbitt son of William and Susannah Bobbitt. We do not know who the mother of Isaac was, not even her first name. Without any proof or substantial evidence we think her maiden name might have been Laskie.

Isaac was one of eight sons and there were three sisters, all of whom lived to maturity. The family stayed close to each other until they were in their early twenties and then scattered for reasons likely connected with the war between the states.

Isaac moved with the family from York County, South Carolina to Madison County, Tennessee in 1827. The family was counted in the census records of Madison County in 1830 and in 1840. In the 1850 census the family was living in Gibson County near a village called Dyer, Tennessee. At one time this village was called "Bobbitt" because of the large number of Bobbitt family members who lived there and because a Benjamin Bobbitt owned a general store that was essential to the livelyhood of the community.

On December 17, 1846 Isaac L. Bobbitt married Hasty Ann Dickens. James M. Senter was the bondsman. Four years later the family of Isaac and Hasty (Dickens) Bobbitt was counted in the 1850 census of Gibson County, Tennessee.

Family # 222, counted September 16, 1850

I. L. Bobbitt (Isaac)           25 (1825) South Carolina 

Hasty (Dickens) Bobbitt    24 (1826) South Carolina 

Mary Bobbitt                     2 (1848) Tennessee 

Benjamin Bobbitt               1 (1849) Tennessee


Living near to Isaac and his family were the families of his brothers, Stephen, Drury J., and Zebulon L. Bobbitt. His father and the rest of his family lived some distance away in the same county.

Descendants say that Hasty Dickens was a descendant of Charles Dickens of England. In 1854, Albert Bobbitt the youngest child of James Bobbitt and the youngest brother of Issac Bobbitt married Malissa Dickens, a sister of Hasty Ann Dickens. We do know that the Dickens family moved from South Carolina to Tennessee about the same time that the Bobbitt family moved and probably in the same wagon train.

Very little is known about the family of Isaac and Hasty Bobbitt. By the time of the 1860 census the family had moved back to Madison County, Tennessee.

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