The Bobbitt Family In America

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For what ever reasons the family of Isaac Bobbitt moved into Illinois probably in the early spring of 1862. According to his descendants he died six months later leaving a wife, one daughter, and four sons.

The family is recorded in the 1870 census of Marion County, Illinois.

Family 99, counted June 21, 1870. Lester Township.

Hasty Bobbitt         46 (1824)    Tennessee (South Carolina) 

Mary Bobbitt          22 (1848)    Tennessee 

Benjamin Bobbitt    21 (1849)    Tennessee


Henry, Robert, and Isaac Bobbitt I am sure were sons of Isaac and Hasty Bobbitt. What happened to them has certainly not been recorded. I cannot find them in list of Illinois soldiers, or in any census records. It is possible that they died young or that they were working in one of the Illinois large industrial cities.

Benjamin Albert Bobbitt, born in 1849. He married Mary Jane Soutier on May 4, 1871 in Salem, Illinois. The family was listed in the 1880 census of Marion County, Illinois.

Benjamin A. Bobbitt    30 (1850) Tennessee 

Mary J. Bobbitt          27 (1853) Illinois 

Lewis C. Bobbitt         8 (1872) Illinois 

Josephine Bobbitt        5 (1875) Illinois 

Floyd K. Bobbitt         3 (1877) Illinois


In 1900 the family was living in Sangamon County, Illinois.

The Bobbitt lineage of Benjamin Albert Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales       1649 - 1703    Anna Sturdivant 

John Bobbitt of Chowan            1678 - 1738    Sarah Green 

William Bobbitt Sr.                    1704 - 1768    Amy Bennett 

John Richard Bobbitt                 1725 - 1791    Amy Alston 

William Bobbitt                         1761 - 1839    Susanna James 

James Bobbitt                           1786 - 1858    Unknown 

Isaac L. Bobbitt                        1824 - 1862    Hasty Ann Dickens 

Benjamin Albert Bobbitt            1849 - 1935    Mary Jane Soutier

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