The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES BOBBITT      1707 - 1761     Pittsylvania County, Virginia

APRIL 4, 1752 - Lunenburg County, Virginia.

James Bobbitt of Lunenburg County received from David Caldwell and Thomas Rodgers, executors of the estate of William Rodgers, deceased, 285 acres of land, lying on both sides of Pigg River, begining on the north side of Pigg River and on the east side of Frying Pan Creek, down the creek.... Witnesses: William Caldwell, William Hill, Robert Baber, John Mead, Thomas Daugherty, John N. Neese.

This land is located in present day Pittsylvania County Virginia. From the description given above, the exact land may be located and seen near a small town called Sandy Level, Virginia.

The names of the witnesses appear again and again in the history of the Bobbitt family. Many of these men were related to the family one way or another. The deed of land was the beginning of the family in Pittsylvania County. This James Bobbitt was the son of William Bobbitt Junior. He was a brother of Lewis Bobbitt of Warren County North Carolina. He was a nephew of John Bobbitt of Chowan of North Carolina. He was a first cousin to the Thomas Bobbitt of Surry and Sussex Counties in Virginia. He was a first cousin to the William Bobbitt of Granville County North Carolina. He was a nephew of the James Bobbitt of the Hanover County Virginia records. James Bobbitt was the father of John, William, James Junior, and Randolph Bobbitt who were born and reared in Pittsylvania County Virginia.

James Bobbitt was born and reared on the plantation of William Bobbitt Junior who lived on Rocky Run in Prince George County Virginia. He was trained to raise tobacco, and run a grist mill. Apparently James Bobbitt did not marry until he was about 27 or 28 years old in the year of 1734.

James Bobbitt married a widow by the name of Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth a young widow had one child, a son, by the name of Richard Bennett. The Bennett family was a well established family of Surry County Virginia. A Richard Bennett became the Puritan Governor of Virginia in 1652. The sons of Governor Bennett, Richard Bennett Jr., and his half brother, Nathaniel Utie, were educated at Harvard College in 1655. They are thought to be the first southerners to attend this institution. The name Richard Bennett was somewhat like the name of William Bobbitt. Every Bennett family honored Richard Bennett with his name. It would require careful study to know what relationship Richard Bennett was to the husband and the son of our Elizabeth. We do not know whether the Richard Bennett the first husband of Elizabeth Bobbitt, and father of Richard Bennett in the family, was a son,

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