The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES BOBBITT JUNIOR      1748 - 1818     Son of James and Elizabeth Bobbitt


James Bobbitt Junior was the third son of James and Elizabeth (Dalton) Bobbitt. He was not of age at the time his father wrote his will in 1761. He was of age at the time he was listed in the 11167 list of tithables in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He was born in 1748.

In 1767 a list of tithables counted James Bobbitt as living with his brother, William Bobbitt. According to land deeds of the time James and William lived on 240 acres of land on the south side of Pigg River, in Pittsylvania County. The land was near Frying Pan Creek and is easily seen today.

James Bobbitt father of James Junior mentions his son James in his will written on March 13, 1761, and recorded in Will Book 0, page 131 of Halifax County, Virginia. (Halifax later became Pittsylvania)

"I give to my son, William Bobbitt, that part of the tract of land, I had of Timothy Dalton, lying on the south side of Pigg River, to him and his heirs and assigns forever, he paying likewise to the said James Bobbitt Junior, the sum of seven pounds ...........

In 1768 William Bobbitt, brother of James married Nancy or as commonly called then "Ann" McKenzie. We are certain that the marriage took place in Pittsylvania County. In 1775 a deed states that Ann, his wife, relinquishes her right of dower. The deed was recorded in Pittsylvania County. In 1778, William Bobbitt and his wife were living in Montgomery County in that section which is today Carroll County. In 1782 William Bobbitt and his brother James were listed in the Montgomery County tax lists. We know that James was staying with his brother and living in the same household as late as 1782.

The census records indicate that James Bobbitt Junior married in 1784. Tradition and circumstance say that he married Elizabeth McKenzie, a sister of the wife of William Bobbitt. There is nothing in the records to prove this marriage. James would have been 36 years of age and his wife 29. The records show that the couple had only one son and three daughters.

James Bobbitt Junior served in the Revolutionary War under his brother Captain William Bobbitt. The federal government set aside a large tract of land in Kentucky and Tennessee to be granted to men who served in the war of the revolution. James Bobbitt received 200 acres of land on Buck Creek, on October 27, 1798 in what was then Lincoln County, Kentucky and is today Pulaski County. Book 26, page 365. This land grant completely changed the life of James Bobbitt Junior.

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