The Bobbitt Family In America

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CAPTAIN SAMUEL LEWIS BOBBITT CSA       1816 - 1901      Son of Miles and Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt was the first son and second child of Miles and Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt. Samuel was born in Warren County North Carolina. His brothers were Lewis and Alpheus Bobbitt. His grandparents were Lewis and Mary (Person) Bobbitt. His great-grandparents were Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Bobbitt who went to North Carolina from Virginia in 1753.

Samuel Bobbitt was born on July 29, 1816. At the age of 22 he married Martha Ann Dowtain who was born in Warren County on August 11, 1822. Samuel and Martha were married in Warren County on December 25 1838. Francis McHenry was the bondsman. Martha Ann Dowtain was a daughter of Anthony and Margaret (Bobbitt) Dowtain, Jr. Margaret Bobbitt was a twin to Alfred Bobbitt and they were the children of John Richard and Elizabeth (Dowtain) Bobbitt. Elizabeth Dowtain was a daughter of Anthony Dowtain Senior, but we do not know what his relationship was to the Anthony Dowtain Junior that Margaret Bobbitt married. At least four members of the Bobbitt family married into the Dowtain family over a period of years.

The most interesting part of the complicated relationship is that Samuel Bobbitt who was descended from Lewis Bobbitt who went to North Carolina in 1753 married Martha Ann Dowtain who was descended from John Bobbitt of Chowan who went to North Carolina in 1718. The descendants of Samuel and Martha Bobbitt may claim relationship to the two major branches of the Bobbitt family in North Carolina. The records in the life of Samuel Bobbitt clearly indicate that he knew both branches of the family and that he knew why and how he was connected to both branches, through his marriage.

Elizabeth and Patience Harris were sisters and daughters of Charles and Rachel (Edgerton) Harris. Elizabeth Harris married Randolph Bobbitt. Patience Harris married John Bobbitt, son of Miles and Mary (Powell) Bobbitt. When Patience (Harris) Bobbitt died in 1854 at the age of 89, Samuel Bobbitt was the bondsman for the settlement of the estate. (Warren County Will Book 44, Page 120.)

Samuel Bobbitt was a very intelligent man, skilled at running a successful plantation, knowledgeable about the laws of the county and state. Because of his wealth, knowledge, and ability, Samuel Bobbitt was called on to be bondsman, administrator, and witness to many of the legal actions taken by his relatives and friends. The records of Warren County have an unbelievable number of references to Samuel Bobbitt, beginning in 1843 and running to about 1900. Abstracts from selected deeds may show more about the man, and his life, than can otherwise be told.

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