The Bobbitt Family In America

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The will books of Warren County have just as many references to Samuel Bobbitt as a trustee, surety for bonds, administrator, Executor, and witness.

"November 27, 1848, Samuel Bobbitt administrator with will annexed for George W. Barnes, deceased."

"August 28, 1850, Samuel Bobbitt administrator with will annexed, estate of David D. Dowtain."

"May 24, 1852, Samuel Bobbitt, administrator in estate of Mazy Shearin, deceased."

"November 24, 1852, Samuel Bobbitt, administrator in will of James E. Harris, deceased."

"March 26, 1861, Inventory of the estate of Miles Bobbitt (father of Samuel) four pages long, by Samuel Bobbitt, executor of the estate."

Samuel and Martha Bobbitt had nine children who lived to maturity. Their first child was a daughter, named Mary Elizabeth who lived with the family to the age of 15, and is believed to have married William H. White. The children in the family were:

Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt       born 1840

Anthony Miles Bobbitt        born 1842

Joseph Henry Bobbitt         born 1844 

Martha Ann Bobbitt          born 1847

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt         born 1850

Sallie H. Bobbitt           born 1852

Robert Anthony Bobbitt       born 1854

Mary Eliza Bobbitt          born 1856

Rosa Thomas Bobbitt         born 1859

We do not know who the daughters married. One married a William H. White, and one married a Henry A. Foote. Samuel L. Bobbitt married Demaris Allen and Joseph H. Bobbitt married Mary Susan Mills. Anthony Miles Bobbitt was born on April 16, 1842, and died at the age of 21 in the service of the Confederate Army, on July 24, 1863. Robert Anthony Bobbitt was born April 9, 1854 and was kill- ed in a freak accident during a storm. The top of the barn in which he was taking shelter blew off as he was leaving, hit and killed him, on July 7, 1871. Rosa Thomas Bobbitt was born on February 7, 1859. She was married to J. Eugene Wyche. Joseph Henry and Samuel Lewis Bobbitt carried the name for this branch of the family.

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