The Bobbitt Family In America

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SAMUEL LEWIS BOBBITT, JR.       1850 - 1936      Son of Samuel and Martha Ann Bobbitt

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. was born on February 25, 1850 in Warren County, North Carolina. He was a son of Samuel Lewis Senior and Martha Ann (Dowtain) Bobbitt.

Martha Ann Dowtain Bobbitt, the mother of Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. was a daughter of Anthony Dowtain and Margaret Bobbitt Dowtain. Margaret Bobbitt was a great great granddaughter of William and Amy (Bennett) Bobbitt. Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Sr. was a great grand son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Bobbitt. William and Lewis Bobbitt were double first cousins and were the progenitors of most of the Bobbitt families of North Carolina.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. married Demaris Allen in Warren County on May 3, 1882. Demaris Allen was a daughter of Turner and Betsy (Watson) Allen. The Allen family of Warren County is a long established and respected family of North Carolina. Many of these families with long histories in North Carolina have repeated and periodic connections with the same families. This is true of the Bobbitt and Allen families.

One of the early Bobbitt Allen family connections was the marriage of William Bobbitt to Sally Allen in 1804. William Bobbitt born in 1785 was a son of Sheerwood Haywood and Sarah (Burrows) Bobbitt. Sally Allen was a daughter of John Allen of Warren and Halifax counties. The Allen family may be traced from Charles City County Virginia in the 1600's to North Carolina in the early 1700's following the same paths and locations that the Bobbitt family used.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. and Demaris Allen were both reared on tobacco plantations that were skillfully and successfully managed. Both were from wealthy families where religious faith and character was the single most important influence of their lives. In our day it is almost impossible to believe how carefully the strict Christian discipline was passed from one generation to the next. Samuel Lewis and Demaris Bobbitt reared their family in exactly the same manner with the results that their children without exception have led remarkable lives. Each have contributed substantially to the communities in which their families lived.

Beginning in 1880 American families were insisting that education was essential for the growth of the country. Parents began to insist that education was the primary occupation of children and young people. Samuel and Demaris Bobbitt were among the first to practice this philosophy.

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