The Bobbitt Family In America

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Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. was first listed in the of Warren County, Warrenton District, on December 14, 1850. The family was counted as family # 877.

Alfred Bobbitt          47 (1803) North Carolina 

Samuel Bobbitt (Sr.)    34 (1816) North Carolina 

Martha A. Bobbitt       28 (1822) North Carolina 

Mary E. Bobbitt         10 (1840) North Carolina 

Anthony M. Bobbitt       8 (1842) North Carolina 

Joseph H. Bobbitt        6 (1844) North Carolina 

Martha A. Bobbitt        3 (1847) North Carolina 

Samuel Bobbitt (Jr.)  8/12 (1850) North Carolina

Alfred Bobbitt listed here as head of household was an uncle to Martha Ann (Dowtain) Bobbitt. He was a twin brother to Margaret Bobbitt Dowtain, the mother of Martha Ann Dowtain. Alfred Bobbitt never married. There was several children born after the 1850 census, namely, Sallie H. Bobbitt in 1852, Robert A. Bobbitt in 1854, Mary Eliza Bobbitt in 1856, and Rosa Thomas Bobbitt in 1859.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. was a successful farmer and lumberman. He lived in the beautiful farming country on Sandy Creek in Warren County. In the 1900 census' the entire family was listed in Census volume 68, district 98, page 12, line 94.

Samuel L. Bobbitt       Feb. 1850 50 North Carolina 

Demaris A. Bobbitt      Sep. 1852 47 North Carolina 

Bessie P. Bobbitt       Mar. 1883 17 North Carolina 

Annie Bobbitt           Aug. 1885 14 North Carolina 

Robert W. Bobbitt       Sep. 1887 12 North Carolina 

Fred A. Bobbitt         May. 1890 10 North Carolina 

William T. Bobbitt      Oct. 1892 7 North Carolina 

Samuel L. Bobbitt       Apr. 1895 5 North Carolina

Dr. Samuel Leslie Bobbitt of Raleigh, North Carolina sent me a copy of their family records with the dates of birth for each member of the family.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt       born Feb. 25, 1850 - Jan. 18, 1936 

Demaris Allen Bobbitt      born Sep. 21, 1852 - Nov. 23, 1943

Betsy Park Bobbitt         born Mar. 19, 1883 

Martha Ann Hill Bobbitt    born Aug. 24, 1885 

Robert Willis Bobbitt      born Sep. 14, 1887

Fred Anthony Bobbitt       born May. 8, 1890

William Turner Bobbitt     born Oct. 4, 1892 

Samuel Leslie Bobbitt      born Apr. 21, 1895

All the children married and made homes in Virginia and North Carolina.

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