The Bobbitt Family In America

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The marriages of the children from the family records are:

Betsy Park Bobbitt         married Samuel Edmund Allen Oct.23,1912 

Martha Ann Hill Bobbitt    married Herbert H. Rice Sep. 5,1936 

Robert Willis Bobbitt      married Helen Dorney White Sep. 2,1913

Fred Anthony Bobbitt       married Emma J. Lassiter Jul 

William Turner Bobbitt     married Myrtie Allen Oct.31,1917 

William Turner Bobbitt     married Blannie Frances Brown Jan.29,1925 

Samuel Leslie Bobbitt      married Inez Pirkle Jun.22,1922

Samuel and Demaris Bobbitt had five grandchildren.

Warren Leslie Bobbitt, Mary Katherine Allen, Betty Ann Bobbitt

Nancy Lou Bobbitt, Virginia Catherine Bobbitt.

Samuel E. Allen was register of deeds for Warren County for many years. He was also active in civic and community affairs of Warren County. Robert Willis Bobbitt was superintendent of Charlotte County, Virginia schools for several years. Fred Anthony Bobbitt was a Baptist minister of Norfolk Virginia. William Turner Bobbitt was a business man of Henderson and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Samuel Leslie Bobbitt is a dentist in Raleigh.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. died in Warrenton, North Carolina on January 18, 1936. Funeral services for the 86 year old resident who died at his home near Warrenton, were held on Monday from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Samuel E. Allen of Autelle.

Besides his widow, Mrs. Demaris Allen Bobbitt, he is survived by the following children: Mrs. Betsey Allen of Autelle, Miss Annie Hill Bobbitt, of Raleigh; Robert Willis Bobbitt of Keysville, Virginia; the Reverend Fred Anthony Bobbitt of Norfolk, Virginia; William Turner Bobbitt, of Henderson,; Dr. Samuel Leslie Bobbitt of Raleigh, and four grand children.

Demaris Allen Bobbitt died on November 23, 1943. Both Samuel and Demaris Bobbitt are buried in the church yard of Brown Baptist Church in Warren County.

The Bobbitt lineage of Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr. is:

William Bobbitt, Sr.        1649 - 1703 Anna Sturdivant 

William Bobbitt, Jr.        1675 - 1738 Mary Green 

Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.          1704 - 1769 Elizabeth Moore 

Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.          1742 - 1818 Mary Person 

Miles Bobbitt               1792 - 1861 Susan Gunn 

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.   1816 - 1901 Martha Ann Dowtain 

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.   1850 - 1936

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