The Bobbitt Family In America

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In 1975 at a visit with Chief Justice William H. Bobbitt in Raleigh, North Carolina, he asked me if I knew how he was related to Dr. Samuel Leslie Bobbitt. They are friends and occasionally have lunch together. Both are well known to the Bobbitt families of North Carolina. Here is a chart of their relationship.

William Bobbitt, from Wales, 1649-1703 

Wife, Joana Sturdivant 

William and Joanna Bobbitt had three sons, all born in the Virginia colony after October 27, 1673.


William Bobbitt, Jr.                      James Bobbitt                     John Bobbitt of Chowan

1675 - 1738                                1680 - 1740                         1678 - 1736

  Mary Green                                                                            Sarah Green

Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.                                                                William Bobbitt

1704 - 1769                                                                           1704 - 1768 

Elizabeth Moore                                                                      Amy Bennett

John Bobbitt of Chowan went to North Carolina in 1718. Lewis Bobbitt, Sr. went to North Carolina in 1753, where he lived near his double first cousin, William Bobbitt in what is today, Warren County.

Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.                    John Richard Bobbitt, Sr. 

1742 - 1818                           1725 - 1791 

Mary Person                           Amy Alston 

Miles Bobbitt                         Drury Bobbitt Sr. 

1792 - 1861                           1744 - 1826 

Susan Gunn                            Elizabeth Harris 

Capt. Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.       Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt, Sr. 

1816 - 1801                           1763 - 1827 

Martha Ann Dowtain                    Sarah Burrows

Margaret Ann Bobbitt was a daughter of Anthony and Martha (Bobbitt) Dowtain.  Margaret Bobbitt was a daughter of John R. and Elizabeth (Darden) Bobbitt. Margaret was a granddaughter of Randolph and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt, and a great granddaughter of John Richard Bobbitt, Sr.

Samuel Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.              Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt, Jr. 

1850 - 1936                            1806 - 1877 

Demaris Allen                          Ann Eliza Pearce 

Samuel Leslie Bobbitt                  James Burrows Bobbitt 

Inez Pirkle                            1835 - 1896 

                                       Mary Ann Miller 

                                       James Henry Bobbitt 

                                       1865 - 1932 

* Captain,Army of Confederate States   Eliza Mae Burkhead

**Soldier of the American Revolution   William Haywood Bobbitt 

                                       Sarah Buford Dunlap

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