The Bobbitt Family In America

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SAMUEL McCLUNG BOBBITT       1889 - 1936      Son of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt

Samuel McClung Bobbitt was the third son and fourth child of Elijah and Rowena (Robinson) Bobbitt. He was born on January 1, 1889 on a farm in Nicholas County, West Virginia. He worked on the farm and attended the rural schools on Muddlety. Most of his neighbors and many of his school mates were relatives in one way or another. The Bobbitt family had lived in the county since the 1840's and the Robinson family had lived in the county since about 1747.

The maternal grandmother of Samuel Bobbitt was Virginia Goodrich McClung Robinson. The McClung family was a large and well known family of the area and many of the McClungs were named Samuel. Rowena Bobbitt chose to honor the McClung lineage of her family by naming her third son, Samuel McClung Bobbitt.

Sam Bobbitt attended the "Normal" school of Summersville which today would be called a "High School". After completing this school he took an extensive course with LaSalle University of Chicago with a major in business administration. In 1913 at the age of 24 he worked as a manager for Consolidated Coal Company stores in Dacota, West Virginia. It was in Dacota that Sam Bobbitt met a young school teacher by the name of Anna Lauretta Newlon.- Anna Newlon was a daughter of Salethial and Lydia Newlon of Roane County, West Virginia. Her mother was Lydia Bartlett who was born in Tyler County. Anna Lauretta Newlon was born on September 7, 1884 in Roane County.

Samuel McClung Bobbitt and Anna Lauretta Newlon were married on April 28, 1915 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, at Charleston. Newspaper accounts of the marriage appeared in Roane County and in Nicholas County papers. The following was from the Roane County paper:

"Wednesday evening, April 28, 1915, Samuel M. Bobbitt and Anna L. Newlon were united in marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richards on Hale Street in Charleston. A beautiful ceremony was celebrated by Rev. T. C. Johnson and Rev. Mr. Howell of the Baptist church in that city.

Mrs. Bobbitt is the daughter of Mrs. S. J. Newlon of this city. She is a lady of many charms and much beauty and her hosts of friends here send congratulations. Mr. Bobbitt is a splendid young business man, having charge of a large mercantile business for one of the Coal companies at Dacota, in Kanawha county."

Soon after their marriage, Sam and Anna Bobbitt moved to Eskdale, West Virginia, a small town near Dacota, on Cabin Creek, in Kanawha County. Anna Bobbitt continued to teach, and Sam Bobbitt managed the Coal Company Stores.

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