The Bobbitt Family In America

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Anna Bobbitt was a strong woman, deeply religious, intelligent, a warm personality, and strong character. She faced an uncertain life and fate after moving to Huntington. The years that followed were hard, but her determination saw her goals accomplished. Her children were educated and left home to care for themselves.

After all the cares for home and family were over, Anna Bobbitt who was an Eastern Star, Rebecca, and member of various church groups and lodges, became active in these organizations.

Ii In 1959 Anna Bobbitt became ill with cancer and was periodically in and out of the hospital. On June 14, 1960 she died in the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia.

Anna (Newlon) Bobbitt was buried by her husband in Walker Memorial Park in Summersville, West Virginia.

The family lineage of Samuel McClung Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales     1649 - 1703 Joanna Sturdivant

William Bobbitt of Virginia    1675 - 1738 Mary Green

James Bobbitt of Pittsylvania Co. Va.     1707 - 1761 Elizabeth Dalton

Lieutenant John Bobbitt        1742 - 1816 Sarah Gibson

Soldier of the American Revolution) 

John Bobbitt, Jr.             1785 - 1856 Permelia Hill

Rufus Bobbitt                 1826 - 1872 Mary Elizabeth Williams

Elijah Bobbitt                1855 - 1931 Rowena Davis Robinson

Samuel McClung Bobbitt                     1889 - 1936 Anna Lauretta Newlon

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