The Bobbitt Family In America

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SHEERWOOD HAYWOOD BOBBITT       1763 - 1827       Son of Drury and Elizabeth Bobbitt


Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt was the third child and the second son of Drury and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt. He was born in Granville County on land that is today in Warren County, North Carolina. Sheerwood was born in 1763, married on June 28, 1779, and died on November 21, 1827. He was the second grandson of John Richard and Amy Bobbitt and a great grandson of John Bobbitt of Chowan Precinct.

Sheerwood was an unusual name in the Bobbitt family. In the records, the name has been mutilated by many different spellings such as, Sherod, Sherrad, Schearod, and so on. The name was first used in North Carolina by a surveyor who was educated and appointed by the Royal Government. Sherwood Haywood signed and spelled his name as it is here written. In 1753 and until 1757, Sherwood Haywood surveyed land for William Bobbitt, John Richard Bobbitt, and Lewis Bobbitt. All the land surveyed was in present day Warren County. Sherwood Haywood had many contacts with tho Bobbitt family and I believe that his wife was a Bobbitt and a sister to John Richard Bobbitt. Drury Bobbitt the first son of John Richard and Amy Bobbitt named his second son, Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt. I believe that he was named after his uncle. The name has been honored and preserved in this branch of the Bobbitt family until the present time.

On June 28, 1779, Sheerwood Bobbitt married Sarah Burrows of Halifax County. Randolph Bobbitt, a younger brother of Drury and an uncle to Sheerwood Bobbitt was the bondsman for the marriage. The marriage was recorded in Halifax County.

Soon after his marriage, Sheerwood Bobbitt entered the Army of the American Revolution by taking the place of Samuel Walker. He served as a private under the command of Colonel Sewell in the company of Captain White.

In 1790, the first federal census counted the family of Sheerwood Bobbitt as living in Halifax County, North Carolina.

"Sheerwood Bobbitt,     1 male over 16         3 males under 16          1 female"

The three sons were born between 1779 and 1790. From later records we have determined the names of the three sons.

Green Bobbitt born 1781

William Bobbitt born 1785

Thomas Bobbitt born 1788

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