The Bobbitt Family In America

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STEPHEN BOBBITT       1747 - 1824      Son of John and Amy Bobbitt

Stephen Bobbitt was the second son of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt. He was born in 1747 in that section of Granville County which later became Warren County, North Carolina.

The first record of Stephen Bobbitt was made in Bute County, on December 1, 1773, in Deed Book 7, page 294.

"Jessie Walker of Bute County to Stephen Bobbitt of the same county, for 120 pounds of procolamation money, land on a branch of Ben's Creek, known by the name of Piney Branch, begining in Thomas Person's line, cornering at Michael Harris's line. 250 acres. Witnesses: Isham meadows, Michael Harris. Drury Bobbitt, Jurat:."


Stephen Bobbitt was 25 years of age when he purchased his first land. In 1774 when Stephen was 26 he married Celah Elizabeth Harris, daughter of James Harris. In 1806 he purchased additional land from Edwin Harris on Ben's Creek, which brought his land to 575 acres. Drury Bobbitt, brother of Stephen, lived on a near by plantation.

In 1771 Stephen Bobbitt was listed in the Bute County tax list with his father, John Bobbitt and his brother, Isham Bobbitt. Stephen had to be over 16 years of age to be taxed. He would have been listed separately if he had been married in 1771.

In the 1786 North Carolina State census, Stephen was listed.

Stephen Bobbitt

1 male 21 - 60      4 males 1 - 21      2 females      12 slaves 

(1726-1765)         (1765-1786)         (all ages)

In the 1790 census of Warren County. Stephen was listed.

Stephen Bobbitt      1 male over 16       5 males under 16       3 females all ages.

All the sons of Stephen Bobbitt were born between 1774 and 1790. According to the will of Stephen Bobbitt written in 1823, he had four daughters and five sons who lived to maturity. All of his children were named in the will. The 1800 federal census represents the family of Stephen and Celah Bobbitt with all the children at home, except their son, Harris Bobbitt who was living on a near by farm. Harris Bobbitt was listed separately and was not married at the time. Stephen Bobbitt and his family was also listed in the tax lists of Warren County.

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