The Bobbitt Family In America

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Stephen Bobbitt Senior was a wealthy plantation owner. He at one time owned over 800 acres of land and as many as 22 slaves.

The home place on Ben's Creek, was left to John R. Bobbitt, who left it to his only son, Stephen E. Bobbitt. In 1885 Stephen E. Bobbitt sold the home to Sterling Johnson. The home was then rented to a poor black family who lived in the area, During this family's occupancy, the home burned and the land was sold to a paper mill, which is standing on the site today.

Robert McDaniel Bobbitt, a descendant, and one who did much research on the Bobbitt family, found that the home of Stephen Bobbitt Senior was built in 1773, soon after Stephen acquired his first land. Over the oak mantle in the home was carved a Bobbitt coat of arms, which contained the symbolic "Oak Leaves". Many descendants of the family say they can remember the coat of arms. There is a Bobbitt-Shearin cemetery near the homesite at the present time.

There are numerous descendants of Stephen Bobbitt and Celah (Harris) Bobbitt, in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. The family is one of the key families in the history of the Bobbitt family.

Stephen Erasmus Bobbitt,   born 1747, married 1774, died 1824. 

Celah Elizabeth Bobbitt,        born 1754, married 1774, died 1818.


The Bobbitt lineage of Stephen Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales    1649 - 1703

John Bobbitt of Chowan       1678 - 1736

William Bobbitt Senior        1704 - 1768

John Richard Bobbitt          1725 - 1791

Stephen Erasmus Bobbitt     1747 - 1824

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