The Bobbitt Family In America

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Adelaide Bobbett, wife of Luther R. Bobbett did much of the research on this family. One of the interesting notes from her work was that the descendants of Drury Bobbitt IV, had a variety of ways to spell their Bobbitt name. Sons used three different spellings, Bobbett, Bobbitt, Bobbette, although they were of the same parentage. None however used the Babbitt spelling of the name.

From the records and from Adelaide Bobbett's research the following is a list of the children and the years they were born.

First Family:

Rebecca Bobbitt born 1805 North Carolina

John James Bobbitt born 1807 North Carolina

Green W. Bobbitt born 1811 North Carolina

Second Family: 

Drury Richard Bobbitt born 1818 North Carolina

Joseph J. Bobbitt born 1819 North Carolina

John Bobbitt born 1820 North Carolina 

Frances Bobbitt born 1821 North Carolina

Elizabeth Bobbitt born 1824 North Carolina 

Edward William Bobbitt born 1825 North Carolina 

Doctor Nicholas Bobbitt born 1827 North Carolina 

Thomas M. Bobbitt born 1828 Tennessee

Green D. Bobbitt born 1830 Kentucky 

Richard Bobbitt born 1831 Kentucky 

Julie Bobbitt born 1832 Kentucky

Samuel Bobbitt (twin) born 1834 Kentucky

Lemuel Bobbitt (twin) born 1834 Kentucky

Unknown son born 1836 Kentucky

In 1963, Fred Bobbette, one of the descendants, who was 89 years of age at the time, said that he thought his grandfather, Drury Richard Bobbitt had two sons by a previous marriage. The records support his memory. He also added that he did not think that these two sons moved from Tennessee to Kentucky with the rest of the family. He was firm in his knowledge that his grandfather had married two times before they went to Kentucky.

Descendants say that Drury Bobbitt married the third time in 1841 in Kentucky, and died at the age of 63 in 1842 in Butler County. Many of his descendants live at the present time in Wayne County, Illinois.

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