The Bobbitt Family In America

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EVERETT HALE BOBBITT      1816 - 1907     Son of William and Elizabeth Bobbitt

Everett Hale Bobbitt was the second son and fifth child of William and Elizabeth (Hale) Bobbitt. Everett was born on January 26, 1816 in Missouri Territory in what is known today as Madison County. He was a grandson of Isham and Elizabeth (James) Bobbitt. He was a great grandson of John and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt of Warren County, North Carolina.

William James Bobbitt, father of Everett moved from Madison County, Missouri to Morgan County, Illinois early in the year of 1830 and settled near the township of Bethel. His father and many other relatives lived near by. Everett learned the trade of a skilled carpenter from his talented father

In the fall of 1841, Everett went to Hancock County Illinois to visit with first cousins, Isham Bobbitt, and William J. Bobbitt. While on this visit he was engaged by a Mr. Newton to do some of his carpenter work. While on this job he met and married Mary A. Newton on May 9, 1842. "A Portrait and Biography Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska", published by Chapman Brothers gives the best account of the life of Everett and Mary Bobbitt.

"To Everett Hale and Mary Ann Bobbitt there were born four children, of whom Theodore Newton Bobbitt was the eldest. The next younger, David F. Bobbitt is operating a farm in Washington County, Kansas. Lizzie J. (Mrs. Hillery) resides in Washington , Territory; one child died unnamed in infancy; Theodore was a little lad of six years of age when his parents removed to Iowa and he lived there on the farm until a young man of twenty years."

In the fall of 1848, Everett and Mary Bobbitt moved their family to Mahaska County, Iowa, where Everett was a teacher, a farmer, and a carpenter. Mary Newton Bobbitt died in the spring of 1849 when she was only twenty-six years old. In the 1850 census there was no record of the children of Everett Bobbitt but there was a record of him living and working as a carpenter with a family in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Family # 630, counted September 17, 1850

Charles Fisher (physician)       35 (1815) Virginia 

Levina Fisher                          33 (1817) Ohio 

Everett H. Bobbitt                   34 (1816) Missouri

After finishing the work for Dr. Fisher, Everett Bobbitt returned to Morgan County Illinois where he met Nancy Giddings.

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