The Bobbitt Family In America

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It is likely that Everett Bobbitt had known Nancy Giddings before he married Mary A. Newton. Elizabeth Bobbitt, sister of Everett married Homer A. Giddings, and Julia Bobbitt, sister of Everett married Samuel N. Giddings. Everett Bobbitt married Nancy Giddings on December 7, 1851 in Morgan County Illinois. To his second marriage there was born two daughters. After the marriage of Everett and Nancy they returned to Iowa where the family lived until Everett died on August 29, 1907.

The family was listed in the 1860 census of Oskaloosa, Iowa in White Oak Township, Mahaska County.

Family counted on August 10, 1860.

E. H. Bobbitt                       45 (1817) Missouri 

Nancy Bobbitt                     39 (1821) Tennessee 

Theodore N. Bobbitt            17 (1843) Illinois 

David F. Bobbitt                  15 (1845) Illinois 

Melissa J. Bobbitt                13 (1847) Illinois 


Rachel E. Bobbitt                  4 (1856) Iowa 

Mary E. Bobbitt                    2 (1858) Iowa

This census record lists the entire family of Everett Bobbitt with his second wife and their two children, and the three children born to his first wife.

Theodore Newton Bobbitt      married Amelia Philips 1846 

David Frank Bobbitt                married Araminta Tinney

Melissa Jennie Bobbitt           married .......... Hillery

Rachel E. Bobbitt                     married  ..........

Mary Emma Bobbitt                married George Wright

In the 1900 census records, Everett H. Bobbitt was listed as born January 1816 age 84, born in Missouri, Nancy Giddings Bobbitt was listed as born March 1820 age 79, born in Tennessee.

Everett Hale Bobbitt was a Son of the American Revolution and very proud of his membership in that organization. Everett died at White Oak, Iowa on August 29, 1907.

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