The Bobbitt Family In America

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After moving from Kentucky to Indiana, Elijah and Mary Bobbitt purchased additional land. The courthouse records at least six purchases of land between 1858 and 1873, ranging in size from 40 acres to 120 acres for each purchase.

By the 1860 census of Martin County, the family had additional children, Oscar, Melinda, Joseph C. and Mary E. Bobbitt. Granny Quick was also making her home with the couple.

The children of Elijah and Mary (Quick) Bobbitt were:

Columbus Bobbitt        born 1843 Kentucky 

Josephene Bobbitt       born 1845 Indiana 

Madison Bobbitt         born 1847 Indiana 

Noah Bobbitt             born 1848 Indiana 

Oscar Bobbitt            born 1851 Indiana 

Melinda Bobbitt         born 1855 Indiana 

Joseph Bobbitt           born 1857 Indiana 

Mary E. Bobbitt        born 1860 Indiana died Dec. 10, 1861 

Eliza Bobbitt             born 1863 Indiana

The children married with the exception of Madison and Mary E. Bobbitt.

Columbus Bobbitt      m.   Elizabeth Ellen Todd Feb. 24, 1864 

Josephene Bobbitt     m.   John A. Todd Jun. 20, 1861

Madison Bobbitt       m.   no record 

Noah Bobbitt           m.   Elizabeth Phillips Sep. 19, 1880 

Oscar Bobbitt          m.   Belle Warren Jan. 5, 1881 

Melinda Bobbitt       m.   George E. Sanders Dec. 26, 1871 

Joseph Bobbitt         m.   Doretta C. Reynolds Apr. 7, 1873 

Mary E. Bobbitt       m.   Died young 

Eliza Bobbitt            m.   Artemisia Corbin Oct. 14, 1883

Sometime between 1870 and 1880, Elijah Bobbitt and his family moved from Martin County to land he owned in Jackson Township in Greene County, Indiana. On April 6, 1880, Elijah Bobbitt died and was buried in the family cemetery of the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery and Baptist Church yard. Elijah had joined the church in 1854. He was a Mason and a farmer. Elijah died of Pneumonic fever and ten days later his son Columbus died of the same fever.

Melinda (Bobbitt) Sanders and her husband George moved to Pettis County, Missouri about 1873. They were listed in the census of 1880. In addition to her three children, Elmo, Fernon, and Ida May, she brought with her a brother, Oscar Bobbitt, who was 27 years of age in 1881. After his marriage in Pettis County, he settled and spent the rest of his life there.

No one seems to know what happened to Mary (Quick) Bobbitt. There is no marked grave for her at the family cemetery.

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