The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of Edward and Indiana Bobbitt was: Whitmell Hilliard Bobbitt       Sep. 5, 1854

Alice Bobbitt                        Apr. 15, 1856

Edward Fletcher Bobbitt Jr.   Mar. 25, 1858

Brame Bobbitt                                    1860 

Fletcher Bobbitt                      Dec. 3, 1862


Whitmell H. Bobbitt         married Sarah Alexander Coleman 

Alice Bobbitt                    married Charles Blackwell Scoggin

Edward F. Bobbitt Jr.       married Susan Caroline Smith 

Brame Bobbitt                 never married

Fletcher Bobbitt               married Eva Bell Bracey


In the 1870 census of Warren County the family is listed as.

Family # 147, counted August 26, 1870, Macon, North Carolina

Indiana F. Bobbitt         37 (1833) North Carolina 

Whitmell Bobbitt           15 (1855) North Carolina 

Alice Bobbitt                 13 (1857) North Carolina  

Edward Bobbitt             12 (1858) North Carolina 

Brame Bobbitt              10 (1860) North Carolina 

Fletcher Bobbitt             7 (1863) North Carolina

Indiana F. Bobbitt made her home with her youngest son, Fletcher Bobbitt. They lived in Sixpound, Warren County, North Carolina. In the 1900 census the family was counted as:

Fletcher Bobbitt                     Dec. 1863 36 North Carolina 

Eva Bell (Bracey) Bobbitt       Jun. 1870 29 North Carolina 

Louis M. Bobbitt                   Apr. 1893 7 North Carolina 

Adolphus B. Bobbitt              May. 1896 4 North Carolina 

William C. Bobbitt                 Nov. 1898 1 North Carolina 

India F. Bobbitt (mother)       Nov. 1833 66 North Carolina

According to family Bible records, Whitmell Bobbitt died in 1916 in Palmer Springs, Virginia. Alice died in 1917. Edward F. Bobbitt, Jr. died on July 14, 1947 in Palmer Springs, Virginia, Brame Bobbitt died unmarried and we are not sure of the date, but know it was before 1900. Fletcher Bobbitt died in Warren County on November 20, 1949.

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