The Bobbitt Family In America

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ELIJAH BOBBITT      1855 - 1931      Son of Rufus and Mary Bobbitt

Elijah Bobbitt was the sixth child and third son of Rufus and Mary (Williams) Bobbitt. He was born on May 22, 1855 on the family plantation on McMillians Creek, near Summersville, Nicholas County, Virginia. Elijah was born the same year that his grand- father, John Bobbitt of Greenbrier County, died. When Elijah was eleven years of age, his mother, Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt died. His father married a widow by the name of Jane Herold on May 13, 1867. Jane Herold was the daughter of John Rader of Nicholas County. 

Elijah and the children of Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt were carefully raised by their stepmother. Jane (Groves) Bobbitt was awoman of considerable wealth and education for the time in which she lived. She had a strong influence on the lives of Elijah and the other children. She is credited with insisting that all the children learn to read and write. 

When Elijah was seventeen years of age, his father, Rufus Bobbitt died. Elijah and his older brothers worked on the family farm to support the family. During this period of time, Elijah also worked on the farms of various neighbors. During one of these work assignments on neighboring farms, Elijah met Rowena Davis Robinson, granddaughter of Joseph Fearnot McClung. Rowena was a daughter of James Robinson II and Virginia Goodrich (McClung) Robinson. On October 26, 1882, Elijah Bobbitt age 27, and Rowena Davis Robinson age 25, were married by the Reverend Levis J. Huffman in Nicholas County, West Virginia. The marriage was recorded.

The Robinson family was a large, wealthy, and respected family of Nicholas County. After the county was formed in 1818 early sessions of the court met in the home of James Robinson 1, grandfather of Rowena Robinson. At one time the Robinson family owned more than forty thousand acres of land in the vicinity. After Elijah and Rowena were married they went to live on the plantation of James and Virginia Robinson which was located on Meadow Creek, a branch of Muddley River. Elijah was a skillful manager of the land and very well liked by the Robinson family. In later years, Elijah built his own home further back in the valley from the Robinson home. It was in this home that most of the children of Elijah and Rowena were born. Elijah being an industrious and independent man, purchased 500 acres of land from James Robinson and from this land he earned the living of his family. When James and Virginia Robinson died in 1908 part of their land was' sold to Elijah Bobbitt which included the home of the Robinson family.

The Bobbitt farm is located on both sides of Meadow Creek, now called Trout run. The branch was a part of Muddlety Creek,

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