The Bobbitt Family In America

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and a tributary of the Gauley River. The land is located about six miles from Summersville, the county seat, and about one mile from a village called Hookersville. About 1912, Elijah had part of his first home moved to a place adjacent to the Robinson home and built an addition to the original home.

Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt had six children, four boys and two girls, all of whom lived to maturity.

Lee Otis Bobbitt                    born Aug. 25, 1883 

Ozro Haymond Bobbitt         born Mar. 3, 1885

Lola May Bobbitt                 born Sep. 10, 1886

Samuel McClung Bobbitt      born Jan. 1, 1889

Virginia Goodrich Bobbitt     born Oct. 2, 1891

James Sterling Bobbitt         born   Dec. 30,   1895

Lee Otis Bobbitt was named by his father. All of the other children were named by Rowena Bobbitt and their names include the names of members of the Robinson and McClung families. There is no doubt that Elijah knew the Robinson family better than he knew the members of the Bobbitt family. His step mother, Jane Bobbitt married a Summers after the death of Rufus Bobbitt, and in 1896 married John Haymond Robinson, an uncle of Rowena Bobbitt. The closest Bobbitt relative to the family was the last son of John and Permelia Bobbitt, who was James Hill Bobbitt. James Hill Bobbitt and his. family lived on Glade Creek and were frequent visitors of the Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt family.

All of the children of Elijah and Rowena married.

Lee Otis Bobbitt                  m. Eva Florence Grose Aug. 9, 1916 

Lee Otis Bobbitt                 m. Flo Baker Jan. 13, 1921

Ozro Haymond Bobbitt       m. Helen Lucinda Brown Sep. 24, 1917 

Lola May Bobbitt               m. Walter Summers Nov. 22, 1911

Samuel McClung Bobbitt    m. Anna Lauzetto Newlon Apr. 28, 1915 

Virginia Goodrich Bobbitt   m. Arthur 11. Flentje Mar. 3, 1928 

James Sterling Bobbitt       m.Grace McCue Dec. 18, 1926

Lola Bobbitt was the first of the children to be married, and she was married at the youngest age of any of the children. The other children were over 25 when they married. As brothers and sisters the children were very close to each other. Their spouses immediately found the family spirit to their liking and the interrelationships between the families is remarkable for their friendship for each other. There are few families where the in-laws are, and were, as much loved and respected as those who became a part of the family of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt.

Most of the grandchildren of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt have preserved the same spirit and besides being cousins are good friends who enjoy their lifetime contacts with each other.

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