The Bobbitt Family In America

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GREEN BOBBITT      1791 - 1838     Son of John and Mary Bobbitt

Green Bobbitt was born in 1791 in Samson County, North Carolina. He was a son of John and Mary (Hazelwood) Bobbitt. His grandparents were Drury and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt of Warren County.

We are unable to identify Green in any of the 1800 census records and are not certain of his identity in any of the 1810 census records. We know that he moved from place to place in North Carolina generally working for other plantation owners. His father was with Drury Bobbitt in Warren County when the plantation of Drury was lost due to financial losses. By this time Green Bobbitt was living with relatives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Green Bobbitt met Barbara Finch in Raleigh, North Carolina and they were married on June 18, 1813. Barbara Finch was a daughter of John Finch and his first wife (unknown). Barbara Finch was a sister to Fannie Finch who married Britton Bobbitt in 1803. The will of John Finch (Jr.) named these children in his will dated April 28, 1817.

Polly Finch                m. Thomas York Jul. 24, 1793

Barbary Finch           m. Green Bobbitt Jun. 18, 1813 

Nancy Finch             m. James Jenkins Dec. 6, 1816 

Betsy Finch              m. W. M. Jenkins Nov. 28, 1806

Fannie Finch            m. Britton Bobbitt Nov. 12, 1803

Patsy Finch             m. Willis Jackson Feb. 5, 1818 

Elender Finch          m. Durwell Duke, Jr. ..........

Hight Finch             m. Matilda Wilson Dec. 22, 1789

Barbara Finch was born on March 20, 1795 and died on July 30, 1859. The Finch family came from England and settled early in the Virginia Colony. The family migrated to Granville County, North Carolina. There was a large family in Granville County and for many years were acquainted with the Bobbitt families of Granville and Warren Counties. Many members of the Finch family, the Bobbitt family, and other families mentioned in the marriage record above migrated to Maury and Weakley Counties of Tennessee.

John Finch Junior, father of Barbara Finch, married for his second wife, Mary Bradford, on October 24, 1815. Britton Bobbitt, his son-in-law was the bondsman for the marriage.

Watson Bradley a descendant through Matilda Caroline Bobbitt and Lula Montgomery states that the first child of Green and Barbara Bobbitt was Matilda Caroline Bobbitt. Their family tradition says that Matilda was born in Raleigh and that she went to school at the Raleigh Academy. The family has a certificate awarded to her for "punctual attendance, good recitations, and correct behavior".

There are records in Wake County that Green Bobbitt purchased

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