The Bobbitt Family In America

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We do not know exactly when Green Bobbitt died, but believe that he died before 1840 and apparently in 1838. Barbara went to live with other relatives and was not listed in 1840 or 1850 census records. Bible records say that Barbara died in 1859.

The records indicate that Green and Barbara Bobbitt had several children who did not live to maturity. The family according to the record was:

Matilda Caroline Bobbitt         born 1814

Malissa Jane Bobbitt               born Mar. 1, 1817 

Wiley P.M. Bobbitt                born Jul. 9, 1823

Haywood Edison Bobbitt        born Jul. 10, 1832


Matilda C. Bobbitt         m. William Montgomery Jan.31,1828

Malissa J. Bobbitt           m. Jeremiah Weatherly Swaim Oct. 23, 1831 

Wiley P. M. Bobbitt       m. Elizabeth Ann ........... 

Hawood E. Bobbitt        m. Elizabeth Jenkins........ 1863

Records indicate that Wiley Bobbitt married first a cousin by the name of Martha Bobbitt and that they had two children. I have not been able to confirm this satisfactorily.

Gleason, Tennessee is in Weakley County and many of these people and their descendants are buried in Mt. Zion cemetery.

There are some interesting census records which record descendants of this family:

Weakly County, Tennessee 1850: Family 36

W.B. Montgomery                          44 1806 Tennessee 

Matilda (Bobbitt) Montgomery       37 1814 North Carolina

James Montgomery                       22 1828 Tennessee 

Melissa Montgomery                     15 1832 Tennessee 

John Montgomery                         17 1833 Tennessee 

Elizabeth Montgomery                   14 1836 Tennessee 

Eliza Montgomery                         12 1838 Tennessee 

George Montgomery                       4 1846 Tennessee 

Jeremiah Montgomery                4/12 1850 Tennessee


Family # 37:

J. W. Swaim                        41 1809 North Carolina 

Millisa (Bobbitt) Swaim        33 1817 North Carolina 

Frances Swaim                    17 1833 Tennessee 

Andrew Swaim                    17 1833 Tennessee 

Houston Swaim                   14 1836 Tennessee 

Wiley Swaim                       11 1839 Tennessee 

Barren Swaim                       9 1841 Tennessee 

Matilda Swaim                      6 1844 Tennessee 

Mary Swaim                         3 1849 Tennessee 

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