The Bobbitt Family In America

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GREENBERRY G. M. BOBBITT       1798 - 1868

Grayson - Carroll Counties Virginia

Greenberry George McKenzie Bobbitt was the second child and son of Caleb and Nancy (Blair) Bobbitt. He was born in 1798 in Grayson County Virginia near the present day town of Hillsville Virginia in Carroll County. Greenberry Bobbitt was named after a great uncle who was a close friend of his father, Caleb Bobbitt. Captain William Bobbitt married Nancy McKenzie, a sister of Greenberry George McKenzie.

In 1824 Greenberry Bobbitt married Lydia Jennings, the daughter of Presley and Nancy Jennings of Grayson County Virginia. Lydia Jennings was a sister of Celia Jennings who later married William Bobbitt, a brother of Greenberry Bobbitt.

Greenberry and Lydia (Jennings) Bobbitt had four children. A son named Caleb Bobbitt died young. The daughters of this family were three, all born between 1825 and 1830.

Mary Bobbitt     married Joseph Horton Jr. 

Nancy Bobbitt    married Tobias Quesenberry 

Charity Bobbitt  married Levi Edwards.

When Caleb and Nancy Bobbitt left Grayson County Virginia in 1827 to move to Pulaski County Kentucky, Greenberry Bobbitt and his family remained in Grayson County. There is no document or letter that indicates that Greenberry Bobbitt ever went to Kentucky to visit his relatives. For most of his life he lived near the family home place not far from present day Hillsville Virginia, and later in his life moved to Mt. Plains Virginia where he died on October 30, 1868. His wife Lydia remarried to a William Lewis, a widower from Sury County North Carolina. William Lewis died and Lydia Jennings returned to Grayson-Carroll Counties to live with her married daughters. Lydia died in her 90th year on June 25, 1889 and was buried beside her first husband, Greenberry Bobbitt in the Bobbitt family cemetery. The cemetery is almost four miles south of Hillsville Virginia.

In a letter dated August 16, 1856, Caleb Thomas wrote to his Uncle Greenberry Bobbitt from Centerville Ohio in Clinton County. In this letter he mentions that Tobias Quesenberry was there.

The daughters of Greenberry and Lydia are believed to have lived their lives in Carroll County Virginia. I have not been successful in contacting any of their descendants or locating any information of interest in the records.

I will always wonder if the letters sent by Nancy (Blair) Bobbitt to her grand-daughter, Nancy, are still in existence.

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