The Bobbitt Family In America

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GREENVILLE BOBBITT      1803 - 1873      Son of John and Permelia Bobbitt

Greenville Bobbitt was the first child of John and Permelia Bobbitt. He was born in August 1803 in Amherst County, Virginia. By 1810, 1 am sure Greenville was helping his father with the duties of farming. Greenville undoubtedly worked hard and long hours helping the family, and when possible was working as a farm laborer for other plantation owners.

Greenville Bobbitt did not marry until he was 29 years of age. It was after the family had moved to Monroe County in 1827 that he met Nancy Ewes. I personally think there is some confusion in her family name as no families in Monroe or Greenbrier counties has this name in the records. I believe the name was Eads, of which there are several families in the early records of Monroe County.

Greenville Bobbitt married Nancy Ewes on December 13, 1832 in Monroe County. Greenville and Burford were the bondsmen for the marriage. The marriage was recorded. Reuben Burford was a life long friend of Greenville Bobbitt. I believe that Reuben was a brother-in-law of Greenville but have never been able to support the thought with any facts.

The first census record of Greenville Bobbitt was in the census of Monroe County in 1840. The family was listed as:

Greenville Bobbett 

1 male 30 - 40 (1800-1810)        3 females under 5 (1835-1840) 

                                                   1 female 20 - 30 (1810-1820)

The first two children of Greenville and Nancy were sons. They were named, Ramley Bobbitt and Joseph Bobbitt. Both sons died before 1840. The next nine children were all daughters.

In 1847 Greenville Bobbitt and his family moved to Greenbrier County. In 1855 Greenville and his family moved to live near or on the farm of Reuben Burford in what was called Union District of Kanawha County. He lived on this farm and reared his family, until his death in the 1870's.

Other than census records, there are no records of Greenville Bobbitt. Apparently the closest contact he had with the. family was with his sister who married Daniel Fulkineer and lived in Kanawha ' County. Henry Figgatt of Monroe County moved to Kanawha County in 1835 and lived near the Greenville Bobbitt family. Two of the sons of Henry Figgatt married two of the nine daughters of Greenville and Nancy Bobbitt.

The 1850 and 1860 census records list all of the daughters.

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