The Bobbitt Family In America

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Greenville and Nancy were counted on July 1, 1850 in Greenbrier County. Family # 27. Greenville Bobbitt             46 (1804) Virginia 

Nancy (Ewes) Bobbitt       31 (1819) Virginia 

Nancy Bobbitt                  15 (1835) Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt              13 (1837) Virginia 

Permelia Bobbitt               11 (1839) Virginia 

Sarah Bobbitt                     8 (1842) Virginia 

Lucy Bobbitt                      7 (1843) Virginia 

Susan Bobbitt                     5 (1845) Virginia 

Eliza Bobbitt                      4 (1846) Virginia

The family was counted in Kanawha County on July 10, 1860 as family # 854, in what was called Sessonsville.

Greenville Bobbitt                 56 (1804) Virginia 

Nancy (Ewes) Bobbitt          45 (1814) Virginia 

Permelia Bobbitt                  21 (1839) Virginia 

Lucy Bobbitt                       16 (1844) Virginia 

Susan Bobbitt                      14 (1846) Virginia 

Eliza Bobbitt                        12 (1848) Virginia 

Madora Bobbitt                      2 (1858) Virginia

The birth of Madora was recorded in Kanawha County and her date of birth was listed as November 24, 1857. The birthplace was listed as Rocky Fork.

Descendants of the family have listed the names of the girls and the name of Martha does not appear in the census records.

Martha Bobbitt                      Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt 

Nancy Turner Bobbitt           Sarah Phillips Bobbitt 

Permelia Frances Bobbitt       Lucy Bobbitt 

Eliza Bobbitt                         Susan Bobbitt

Madora Edmona Bobbitt


We do not know how many of the daughters lived to maturity. A search of the Kanawha County records revealed the following marriages.

Nancy Bobbitt             m. John A. Bradley Feb. 25, 1858 

Sarah Bobbitt              m. Eli Figgatt Feb. 9, 1860 

Permelia F. Bobbitt     m. Reuben K. Burford Jun. 23, 1864 

Lucy H. Bobbitt           m. Isham G. Bailey Feb. 22, 1865 

Madora Bobbitt          m. Andrew J. Asbury Jan. 26, 1881 

Eliza S. Bobbitt          m. James H. McClanhan Sep. 15, 1870

Elizabeth Mary Bobbitt     m. William L. Figgatt Nov. 30 1856

Susan Bobbitt                   m. John W. Wallace Nov. 12, 1868

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