The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEE OTIS BOBBITT, SR.       1883 - 1963      Son of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt

Lee Otis Bobbitt was born on August 25, 1883 on Muddlety, in Nicholas County, West Virginia. He was the first child and son of Elijah and Rowena (Robinson) Bobbitt. His grandparents were Rufus and Mary (Williams) Bobbitt and James and Virginia (McClung) Robinson. He was named after a Confederate officer and was called "Ote" all his life, by family and friends.

He attended public rural schools in Nicholas County, where he was an unusually good student. Early in life and in his schooling he developed excellent reading habits and read all the books that were available to young men of his day.

Lee Otis Bobbitt was an exceptionally handsome man, with a friendly personality, a good sense of humor, and was well known by all the families of the area, with many of whom, he had a family relationship in one way or another.

His excellence as a student in Summersville Normal School led the teachers and fellow students to persuade Ote Bobbitt to become a teacher. He taught schools in Kanawha, Payette, and Nicholas Counties before attaining degrees in higher education. He held degrees from West Virginia University, and Wilmington College in Ohio.

In 1908 Ote Bobbitt along with his brother Ozro Haymond Bobbitt became members of the Masonic Lodge in Summersville, West Virginia. Ote Bobbitt was secretary of the Summersville Lodge for 28 years and was a past master of the lodge.

Lee Otis Bobbitt met Eva Florence Grose, a beautiful red-headed maiden from a prominent and much respected family of the county. On August 9, 1916 they were married in Summersville. On December 3, 1917, their only child, a son, was born. He was named Lee Otis Bobbitt Junior. The family lived in the village of Summersville. Early in 1918, Eva (Grose) Bobbitt died, and their son Lee Otis Bobbitt Junior was taken by his paternal grandparents to live with them on Muddlety.

Ozro H. Bobbitt brother of Lee Otis Bobbitt married Helen Lucinda Brown in 1917. She was a secretary in the law offices of John Breckinridge. At about the same time, Lee Oits Bobbitt met Flossie Baker, a beautiful young woman who was also a secretary in the law offices of John Breckinridge. Flossie Baker was a daughter of Joseph Edgar Baker of Buckhannon, West Virginia. She was an excellent legal secretary and a brilliant woman. Lee Otis Bobbitt and Flossie Baker were married in Summersville, on January 13, 1921. Their only child was Marian Charl Bobbitt.

Ote and Flo Bobbitt had what is considered a perfect marriage. Flo was absolutely devoted to the welfare and care of her husband.

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