The Bobbitt Family In America

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MILES BOBBITT       1731 - 1794      Son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt

Miles Bobbitt was the first son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Bobbitt. He was born on January 22, 1731 in Prince George County, Virginia.

The birth of Miles Bobbitt was recorded in the Bristol Parish register.

"Miles Bobbitt, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt, born 22nd of January 1731, baptized, April 23, 1732"

Lewis Bobbitt, the father of Miles Bobbitt, received his land grant of 450 acres, from King George II of England, in Granville County, North Carolina, on April 24, 1753.

On October 8, 1754, Miles Bobbitt and his brother, Lewis Bobbitt Junior were listed on the muster rolls of Captain Daniel Harris's Company of the Granville County Militia, under the command of Colonel William Eaton. At the time this list was taken, Miles Bobbitt was 23 years of age. Most of the men who served as privates in the county militia were not married. We do not believe that Miles was married at the time.

The Granville County tax list made in 1755 lists the family of Lewis Bobbitt Senior, the family of John Richard Bobbitt, and it also lists Miles Bobbitt as if he were head of a family. We believe that Miles Bobbitt was listed separately, because he was over twenty years of age. Records in the life of Miles Bobbitt do not indicate that he was married before 1761.

It was customary for a father or a grandfather to give a gift of land to a son or a grandson after he was married or after the birth of his first son. Robert Moore was the maternal grandfather of Miles Bobbitt. On March 21, 1762, Robert Moore recorded a deed in Granville County, Book F, page 517, a deed for land at a cost that could have been considered only as a legalized gift.

"From Robert Moore, to Miles Bobbitt ... for 10 pounds current money of Virginia, (amount not stated) land in Granville County, on Great Fishing Creek, joining John Gunn, the Great Branch, and the said Creek."

Tax lists show that this was about 160 acres of land, and on this land Miles Bobbitt reared his family.

Miles Bobbitt married in 1761 to Mary Powell who was born in 1742. Miles Bobbitt died in 1794 and Mary died in 1825. Their children were born between 1761 and 1794.

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