The Bobbitt Family In America

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It is impossible to know who was listed in this 1800 census record. We believe that it was the two youngest sons and their wives and one of their children, along with Mary Bobbitt widow of Miles Bobbitt. The two sons must have been William and Lewis. We know that John, Jacob, and Joshua were older than those listed in this census and that they were away from home.

We cannot locate the family in the 1810 census records, except for John and Joshua. We think that Mary Bobbitt was living with one of her married daughters, and that her son William was living nearby.

We are certain that the family consisted of five sons and six daughters who lived to maturity. We can only guess at the names of the daughters and some may be listed in the list of marriages of the Bobbitt family before 1800. The sons we think were these:

Jacob Bobbitt born 1762 

John Bobbitt born 1763

.............. ..........

Joshua Bobbitt born 1766

.............. ..........

Lewis Bobbitt born 1775 

William Bobbitt born 1778


We know from the census records that all of the daughters were born before 1777.

A very interesting deed was recorded in Warren County on August 15, 1822 which shows the concern of William Bobbitt for the support of his aged mother. The deed is recorded in Book 22, page 290.

"In consideration of the love and affection and for the better care, security, and maintenance of the said Molly Bobbitt, the mother, in her advanced years, the receipt of, I hereby acknowledge, land on the North side of big Fishing Creek, it being the land whereon my father lived, and containing by estimation, one hundred acres more or less."

                                                                     William Bobbitt


Mary Bobbitt was often called Molly, as was the custom at the time. William had apparently looked after the home place and his mother and in this deed is taking the property for himself. His brother John and his brother Joshua lived in Warren County, all of his other brothers migrated to points outside of the state, Lewis to Tennessee, and Jacob to Georgia.

We know little of Miles and his family, yet it was one of the most important families in our North Carolina ancestry.

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