The Bobbitt Family In America

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MILES BOBBITT       1792 1861      Son of Lewis and Mary Bobbitt

Miles Bobbitt was born in the spring of 1792 in Warren County, North Carolina. He was the last child of Lewis and Mary (Person) Bobbitt. Miles Bobbitt had an uncle, named Miles Bobbitt who was born in 1731 and died in 1794.

Miles Bobbitt was mentioned in the will of his father, Lewis Bobbitt Junior, which was written and recorded in Warren County in 1816. The will was probated in 1818, and Miles was one of the executors of the will, along with his brother James Bobbitt.

"I give to my son, Miles Bobbitt, the remaining part of my land lying on the west side of the aforesaid public road, to himself and his heirs forever."

"It is also my further will and desire that in consideration of the land given to my two sons, Miles Bobbitt and Lewis Bobbitt, that each of them, at the expiration of one year from the death of their mother pay to my son John P. Bobbitt, the sum of one hundred dollars each."

In 1808 the deed whereby Lewis Bobbitt gave land to his son Lewis was recorded in Warren County. The allowance of land to Lewis was 200 acres, and it is assumed that a similar quantity was given to Miles Bobbitt. According to the records Miles Bobbitt lived his entire life on the land deeded and left to him by his father.

Miles Bobbitt was married two times and both marriages are recorded in Warren County. His first marriage was to Susan Gunn on October 19, 1814. Turner Jenkins and Wm. Green were witnesses. The second marriage was to Martha Davis on January 1, 1827 and James Martin and Mathew M. Duke were the witnesses.

All the children born to Miles Bobbitt was from his first wife, Susan Gunn Bobbitt. Susan Bobbitt died in 1825. Martha (Davis) Bobbitt reared the children of Miles and Susan Bobbitt.

James Bobbitt, brother of Miles Bobbitt married Polly Gunn on February 10, 1809. Polly was a sister of Susan Gunn.

After Miles Bobbitt married Susan Gunn, he lived for a short time in Halifax County near the parents of Susan Gunn. He was counted with his family in the census of Halifax County in 1820. It is the only record of his wife Susan taken in a census.

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