The Bobbitt Family In America

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MILES BOBBITT        1843 - 1919      Son of Alpheus and Julia Bobbitt

Miles Bobbitt was born on October 13, 1843 in Warren County, North Carolina. He was the second child, and second son, of Alpheus and Julia Ann (Sledge) Bobbitt.

On June 7, 1861 Miles Bobbitt went to the courthouse in Warrenton and enlisted in the Army of the Confederate States of America. He was 18 years of age at the time, and the records show that he was present and accounted for on the muster rolls through December 1864. He served as a private in Company E of the 9th Regiment. His older brother, William Henry Bobbitt also served in the army in Company F of the 8th Regiment of N. C. State troops.

Miles Bobbitt told his descendants that much of the time he spent in the Confederate Army was spent in prison camps of the Northern Army. When the war was over Miles Bobbitt, like many other southern soldiers, walked to his home in Warren County, threw his gun and sword in Fishing Creek and would not discuss the war or its events afterwards.

Miles Bobbitt, grandfather of Miles Bobbitt, died in 1861 in Warren County. Miles Bobbitt, son of Alpheus, was and is to my knowledge the last member of the Bobbitt family to be named Miles. The name Miles was first recorded in the Bobbitt family in the Bristol Parish records of Virginia in January of 1731. The name was used in the Bobbitt family many times and ended with Miles, the son of Alpheus. We do not know where the name came from, if previously used in the Bobbitt family. The name is said to be common among the early Welch settlers.

On August 20, 1867 Alpheus Bobbitt had a deed recorded in Warren County, whereby he gave 230 acres of land to his son Miles Bobbitt. The deed is in DB-32, page 584.

"Alpheus Bobbitt to his son, Miles Bobbitt, deed of gift of 230 acres of land adjoining Alpheus Bobbitt, James A. Davis, on the south side of Reedy Creek, running to Patrick William's house, formerly Cheek's old corner, James Davis's corner, Mrs. Anthony Dowtain's corner and along Reedy Creek. Witnesses: Richard E. Bobbitt, and James A. Edgerton."

This was a substantial gift of land to one son. There is no doubt but that Alpheus was partial to his son Miles Bobbitt. None of his other children received so much land, but they did receive gifts of money and some land from Alpheus before he died.

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