The Bobbitt Family In America

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On November 28, 1867 Miles Bobbitt married Mary C. Sledge, in Warrenton. Mary Christian Sledge was a daughter of William Powell and Martha (Rosser) Sledge. We do not know exactly what relationship she had with Julia Ann Sledge, mother of Miles, but believe that she was a first cousin once removed to Miles Bobbitt.

The land Miles and Mary Bobbitt reared their family on was the land given by Alpheus Bobbitt to his son Miles Bobbitt. It was for the most part the same land sold by Miles Bobbitt Sr. to his son Alpheus Bobbitt. While the deeds to the land and many of the records are in Warren County the land apparently was located in Nash County, just across the border.

William Edgar Bobbitt, a grandson of Miles Bobbitt writes, "After Miles married Mary Christian Sledge he began farming near Fishing Creek, where he lived most of his life. For a short time probably 1905 to 1910 he lived in Rocky Mount, North Carolina where he was in the retail grocery business on Tarboro Street with his son, Joseph R. Bobbitt. Later he moved back to his farm near Fishing Creek where he died on January 27, 1919. His wife moved back to Rocky Mount and lived with a son, James 0. Bobbitt, until her death on January 31, 1929."

There are supposed to be ten children in the family of Miles and Mary Bobbitt, however I can list only nine. Not all the children lived to Maturity.

Clara W. Bobbitt                  born 1868 

Maud L. Bobbitt                   born 1870

Eugene Carl Bobbitt            born Mar. 1873

Edgar Miles Bobbitt            born Feb. 1876

James 0. Bobbitt                 born May. 1877

Joseph R. Bobbitt                born Aug. 1879

Garland Ashland Bobbitt    born Jul. 1881 

Mattie Bobbitt                   born May. 1883

Nannie Bobbitt                   born Jun. 1886


I think the other child was Mary Bobbitt born in 1878 and she married Ernest Harris of Inez, North Carolina. I have not been able to verify this from the records.

Miles and Mary Bobbitt are buried in their Bobbitt family cemetery which was located on the farm. The cemetery is about 17 miles west of Rocky Mount in the northern part of Nash County. The burial plot is one mile west of Fishing Creek Missionary Baptist Church. Several of the children who did not live to maturity are also buried there. The graves are marked, but the land is no longer in the family. 

Miles Bobbitt                   b. Oct. 13, 1843 d. Jan. 27, 1919 

Edgar Miles Bobbitt         b. Feb. 23, 1876 d. Apr. 13, 1879

Garland Ashland Bobbitt  b. Jul. 7, 1881 d. Mar. 20, 1882 

Mattie Bobbitt                 b. May. 21, 1883 d. Oct. 3,  1884  

Mary Christian Bobbitt   b. Aug. 13, 1884d. Jan. 27, 1929

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