The Bobbitt Family In America

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The children of Oregon and Malinda (Burdette) Bobbitt were:

Eliza C. Bobbitt                    born July 1, 1855

Thomas Charles Bobbitt        born September 21, 1856

John Isham Bobbitt               born November 5, 1857

Charles Spurgeon Bobbitt     born May 19, 1859

Nancy Jane Bobbitt              born October 2, 1863

Lewis Powell Bobbitt           born June 12, 1861

Martha Malinda Alice Bobbitt        born March 28, 1865


Malinda Bobbitt died in May of 1865 at the age of 36 years, the mother of seven children, and according to descendants, the careful mother of her three step-children.

On September 28, 1865, Oregon Bobbitt married Margaret Brown. She was the daughter of John and Sarah (Cavendish) Brown. Oregon was 48 years of age and Margaret was 43 years of age. There were no children by this marriage.

The 1880 federal census records count the family living on Wolf Creek in Monroe county.

Napoleon Bobbitt      33 (son of Oregon)    Virginia 

Virginia (Dearing)      22 (wife of Napoleon) Virginia 

Herbert Bobbitt           2 (son of Napoleon)  Virginia 

Herbert Thompson    26 (brother-in-law)   Virginia


Oregon Bobbitt          62 (son of John Bobbitt)  Virginia

Margaret (Brown)      55 (wife of Oregon)   Virginia 

Thomas C. Bobbitt    24 (son of Oregon)    Virginia 

Maggie (Scott)          26 (wife of Thomas)   Virginia 

Fred Bobbitt               2 (son of Thomas)   Virginia 

Dora Bobbitt          4/12 (daughter of Thomas) West Virginia 


Spurgeon Bobbitt      21 (son of Oregon)     Virginia 

James Cockran         12 (household servant)* West Virginia 

Virginia Cockran        6 (boarder of Oregon)* West Virginia 

Nancy Cockran        16 (sister-in-law to   West Virginia 

                      Oregon Bobbitt.)*


* The Cockran family members listed here were probably nieces and nephews of Oregon Bobbitt. A sister of Oregon's, named Jane Bobbitt, married John Cockran of Greenbrier County. Jane Bobbitt was born in 1824. In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Louisa Bobbitt, a great aunt of Oregon Bobbitt, married a Cockran. Members of the Cockran family were related to the Bobbitt families of Grayson .County, Virginia.

According to Oregon Bobbitt, the family lived on Wolf Creek, in Monroe County only two years. They then moved back to Greenbrier County and lived in the Williamsburg district.

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