The Bobbitt Family In America

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When the group arrived in Springfield, Illinois, they met a family by the name of "Marsh". The mother in the family, I believe was a widow, her name was Eunice Marsh. She had two daughters, named Sophia and Annie. In 1866, George Washington Bobbitt, son of Oregon, married Sophia Marsh. They had one daughter, named Eunice Bobbitt, born in Illinois in March 1867.

George Washington Bobbitt, son of Tilman, married Annie Marsh in 1866, and had one son, named Tilman Corson Bobbitt, born April 1867, in Illinois.

"In 1870, James Hill Bobbitt, brother of George Washington Bobbitt, both sons of Oregon Bobbitt, went to North Platte, Nebraska. James Bobbitt and Sophia, the wife of George, felt that they were more suited for marriage and persuaded George to divorce Sophia. James married Sophia in 1871, and their first child was a son, named Albert Bobbitt, born in December of 1871. James and Sophia reared Eunice Bobbitt, the daughter of George.

In 1873, George Bobbitt, son of Tilman Bobbitt, moved to North Platte, Nebraska. The various families were counted in the 1880 census in June 1880, Lincoln County. The families were numbered, 244, 322, 352, and 113.

George W. Bobbitt          35 Virginia           R.R. Fireman (son of Oregon)

James H. Bobbitt               36 Virginia   Blacksmith (son of Oregon) 

Sophia (Marsh)                 34 Michigan   Wife (sister of Annie) 

Eunice Bobbitt                  13 Illinois   Daughter of George Bobbitt 

Albert Bobbitt                    7 Nebraska  Son of James 

James Bobbitt                    1 Nebraska  Son of James 


Tilman Bobbitt       72 Virginia   Farmer (brother of Oregon) 

Joseph Bobbitt       33 Virginia   Son of Tilman 

William Bobbitt      25 Virginia   Son of Tilman 


George Bobbitt       38 Virginia   Farmer (son of Tilman) 

Annie (Marsh)        36 Michigan  Wife (sister of Sophia) 

Tilman Bobbitt       13 Illinois   Son of George 

Eunice Bobbitt       11 Illinois   Daughter of George 

Felica Bobbitt        7 Nebraska  Daughter of George 

Albert Bobbitt        5 Nebraska  Son of George 

Annie Bobbitt         3 Nebraska  Daughter of George

Unfortunately some of the ages are not stated correctly. In 1882, George Bobbitt, son of Oregon, left Nebraska and went to live in Iowa, near his brother Napoleon Bobbitt, in Harrison County. George married and reared a large family in Harrison County. Eunice Marsh, mother of Sophia and Annie, was living with James Bobbitt and his family in 1900. Eunice was 91, born in March 1809 in New York State.

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