The Bobbitt Family In America

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DR. OZRO HAYMOND BOBBITT       1885 - 1978       Son of Elijah and Rowena Bobbitt

Ozro Haymond Bobbitt was the second son and second child of Elijah and Rowena (Robinson) Bobbitt. He was born on Muddlety in Nicholas County, West Virginia. The Robinson side of his family had lived in Nicholas County since 1747. The Bobbitt side of his family had lived in the county since the 1840's. Most of the people who lived near to the farm where he was reared were relatives in one way or another. Few people like the name of "Ozro" although it was a family name from the Haymond family branch. The Haymond family was a prominent family in Kanawha and surrounding counties. As a result of dislike for the name "Ozro" he was called "Bud" from the time he was a little boy until he died. Many in later years called him simply "Dr. O. H.".

As a youngster Bud Bobbitt attended the rural schools where he was an outstanding pupil. He later attended the "Summersville Normal School" where his achievements led him to become a teacher in the Public Schools of Nicholas County. In 1904, his first cousin, Dr. Sherman Craig of Hookersville, persuaded Bud Bobbitt to consider studying medicine. Encouraged by his family, Ozro attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons at the University of Maryland, located then, in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated in 1910. He first practiced medicine in Vaugan, West Virginia.

On September 24, 1917, Bud Bobbitt married Helen Lucinda Brown in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. The couple met while Helen was a legal secretary to the law firm of John Breckinridge, in Summersville, the county seat of Nicholas County.

Two children were born to their marriage who lived to maturity. They were Ray Douglass Bobbitt and Claire Virginia Bobbitt.

In 1921, Dr. Bobbitt opened offices in the Medical Arts Building in Charleston. He maintained these offices until he retired in 1951. After his training at the University of Maryland, Dr. Bobbitt attended the University of Cincinnati and received degrees as an Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist from the University of Chicago.

Bud Bobbitt had a warm and friendly personality. He had an excellent memory, loved people, made friends easily, seldom forgot a face or name of anyone he had met. He loved his family and made frequent contacts with all of his relatives. He enjoyed history, family genealogy, liked to hunt and fish. During the time he lived in Charleston he became very active in numerous civic and professional organizations * . He was a devout Christian and worked for and in the Baptist Temple on Quarrier Street, in Charleston. He was a 32nd degree Mason of the York Rite and Beni-Kedem Shrine. He was a past president of the Kanawha County Medical Society, a member of the West Virginia Medical Society, and an officer of the Bobbitt reunion.

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