The Bobbitt Family In America

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Helen Bobbitt, wife of Dr. Bobbitt is an attractive woman with great social charm. She aspired to the better things in life, and was an asset to her husband in his medical practice. She was active in all civic endeavors and worked diligently to raise funds for he support of community charities. She was a member of The Episcopal Church but attended the Baptist Temple with her husband.

Ozro Haymond Bobbitt became a Mason at the local lodge in Summersville, Nicholas County. He was sponsored by Omar K. Robinson, and Lawrence Bryant. His brothers, Lee Otis Bobbitt, and Samuel McClung Bobbitt were also 32nd degree Masons and members of the same lodge.

Dr. Bobbitt was very interested in the Bobbitt reunions held each August in Cowen, West Virginia. He seldom missed a reunion and worked hard to attract Bobbitts from all walks of life to attend the reunions each year. He corresponded with numerous people often writing the letter by hand script. Because of his interest in family history he became close friends with numerous professional Bobbitt family members. Dr. Ray Bobbitt, Dr. Oliver Bierne Bobbitt, Judge Oliver Bierne Bobbitt, Attorney General Robert Lee Bobbitt, Attorney James F. Bobbitt, and others. He persuaded many of these people to attend the Bobbitt reunions and spend the night in the "camp like" atmosphere. There was absolutely no sham or pretense in his character. No one had to guess where he was coming from or had to expect sudden changes in his moods or personality.

During his active years as a physician he spent his winter vacations in Florida. Later he purchased a home there and as time went on he spent more and more time in Florida. In 1951 he retired and spent the summers in Charleston and the winters at their home in Florida. Finally in 1960 Bud and Helen Bobbitt lived the year around in Florida. They sold all of their interests in West Virginia.

The following years, many friends stopped to visit with the couple and each would enjoy a friendly and interesting visit. Dr. 0. H. was not well during these years and suffered from many ailments, although he was seldom confined to his bed.

On July 26, 1969, the only son of Bud and Helen Bobbitt died in a tragic death. He left his widow and four children.

Bud Bobbitt had been my advisor since the death of my father. He directed the medical care of illnesses I had suffered for many years, and gave me personal advice regarding the various turns in my life. We became good friends. After the death of his son, we corresponded frequently about family genealogy, West Virginia history, and numerous other subjects.

Dr. Bobbitt worked very hard as a physician. He went to the office at 8:00 AM where he performed operations until noon. In the

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