The Bobbitt Family In America

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afternoon he examined patients until 5:00 PM, often seeing as many as 80 patients in one afternoon. He was generous with his time and money in his civic endeavors. All the marks of a great man were in this man of very sound character and an excellent mind.

Bud Bobbitt took seriously ill in July 1978 and was taken back and forth from home to hospital during the following days. He was not told when his good friend James F. Bobbitt died on August 9, 1978, or when his nephew, John W. Bobbitt of Washington, had a heart attack on July 16, 1978. Dr. Ozro Haymond Bobbitt died on Sunday August 27, 1978 in St. Petersburg Florida. He was 93 years of age.

Dr. Ozro Haymond Bobbitt wanted a traditional Christian funeral and burial. His wife, Helen Bobbitt, preferred immediate burial or cremation and a memorial service. She followed the wishes of her husband and had his body taken back to Charleston where services were held in the chapel of the Barlow-Bonsil Funeral Home. Much to the astonishment of the family, some 600 persons attended the service. It was an outstanding testimony to the mark this remarkable man had left. John W. Bobbitt, participated in the service, reading a poem that Dr. Bobbitt had written for a memorial service for one of the Bobbitt reunions. Dr. Bobbitt was buried in beautiful Sunset Memorial Park near Charleston. Many of his relatives and friends are also buried in this park.

Surviving his death, were his wife , Helen Brown Bobbitt, his daughter, Virginia Bobbitt Baldock, sisters, Lola Summers, and Virginia Flentje. He had eight grandchildren and two great grand- children.

Ray Douglass Bobbitt married Margaret Hiner, their children;

Douglass Edwin Haymond Bobbitt 

Richard Ray Bobbitt 

Sharron Lucinda Bobbitt 

David Allan Bobbitt 

Clayton Lee Bobbitt (deceased)


Claire Virginia Bobbitt married Dr. William E. Baldock, their children;

William Tyler Baldock 

Sarah Beth Baldock 

Lucinda Ann Baldock 

Lynn Haymond Baldock

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