The Bobbitt Family In America

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known and wealthy. Some of the Bobbitt family members were buried in the Towler family cemetery near Sandy Level, Virginia.  The 1840 census shows Fanny (Walden) Bobbitt, the widow of Randolph Bobbitt, and the grandmother of Terry Bobbitt, living with Terry Bobbitt. Fanny was born in 1760 and was 80 years of age at the time. Terry Bobbitt was born in 1814 and was probably the eldest responsible male in the vicinity at the time, for this reason his grandmother made her home with him.  According to the tax lists of 1782, the Randolph Bobbitt family consisted of "four white souls". Thus the family was Randolph Bobbitt, his wife, Fanny (Walden) Bobbitt, their first born son, Charles Walden Bobbitt, and their second son, Lewis Bobbitt. After 1782 there were four other children born into this family. The children of Randolph and Fanny Bobbitt were:

Charles Walden Bobbitt born 1777

Lewis Bobbitt Senior     born 1779 

Thomas Bobbitt             born 1783

Randolph Bobbitt          born 1784 

Mourning Bobbitt          born 1786 

Lucy Bobbitt                 born 1788

The census record in 1830 of Pittsylvania County, Virginia lists the family of Randolph and Fanny Bobbitt. All the children are married and live near by. Living in the home with Randolph is the widow of his son, Lewis Bobbitt. Her name is Sarah Bobbitt, and with them is her son, Edwin P. Bobbitt, born in 1815, and her daughter whom we do not know. 

Randolph Bobbitt: 

1 male under 10 (1810-1820)          1 female 5 - 10 (1810-1820)

1 male 45 & over (....-1775)           1 female 26 - 45 (1775-1794)

                                                      1 female 45 & over (....-1775)

The interesting Pittsylvania County records concerning our Randolph Bobbitt begin with his "oath of allegiance" to the newly formed United States Government, taken in 1777 and recorded in a muster roll book on page 275. It was the list of William Witcher, and Randolph is the 23rd name on the list.

MARCH 1781 - Pittsylvania County Court Order, Book 4, page 359

Randolph Bobbitt, producing a commission appointing him as Ensign in the Militia of this county, took the oath as prescribed by law ......

MAY 1782 - Pittsylvania County Court Order, Book e, page 400.

Randolph Bobbitt is appointed First Lieutenant to Captain Dalton's Company of the Militia. (Captain Robert Dalton)

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